Happy Birthday Jessie

15 years; 15 years is a longtime especially when 9 of those years feel like an amazing gift.  Today is Jessie's birthday; she is 15. We were given 9 years longer than we thought we would have with this little dynamite dog.  You can read her story and her struggles here, The little dog that could  But be forewarned, I cannot read it without crying.  Of course this doesn't mean that you will but it gets me each and every time and I wrote it.

                                          Get your very own merchandise with the tenacious J on it.

This last year has seen many changes in the life of our little Jack Russell.  She was struck by dementia or canine cognitive dysfunction.  this past Christmas so we are plodding along.  Up until that point in time she had only had a few odd behaviors now and again.  Jessie is a huge force in our family as she has maintained her "top dog" status throughout the years.  Her first conquer was a male Standard poodle that we had, Clyde.  He was much older than Jessie but he was quickly and efficiently demoted.

She has always been the "supreme" dog; letting all dogs who meet her know this fact instantly.  Over the years I've grown accustom to blurting out "she's not friendly" as people are oddly drawn to her with their dog.  As soon as she meets another dog she stiffens up and her hair goes all the way up.  She walks on her tip toes very slowly and methodically.  If the other dog doesn't understand this and continues with their approach; well lets just say it doesn't normally go very well.  Although there have been times when Jessie has shocked the pants of me and been downright cordial.  It really depends on the level of groveling that the other dog offers, grovel well and keep your head.  :)

                                                                            Jessie calendar

I have to say that I have never had a 15 year old dog; our dogs have all gone at around the age of 13.  They have all been large dogs which is pretty average.  But I now have a 14 year old large dog and 15 year old small one (body only).  Throughout the years Jessie has shown me just what tenacious means and when someone says Jack Russell Terror I know exactly what they mean.  But it also brings a smile; how can you not love that much confidence in such a small package?

Even though Jessie is now often confused she is very healthy physically.  So here is to many more years with this crazy little munchkin.