1000 words in one moment

I take a lot of images; often getting the shots is all about me being fast enough, like yesterdays blog photos.  Other times it's being in the right place at the right time.  Photos can portray every emotion there is; a photo should stir emotion.  That emotion can be anything from joy, happiness, fear, sadness............anything really. 

When I uploaded the photos from the dog walk the other day, I'd hoped that I had captured a moment.  Sifting through the images I stopped on one particular shot, the shot.  The one I'd hoped to have captured and I did.  It is a moment; one that you cannot set up, a time that I was very happy that I had my camera with me and ready.  I'd taken a couple of shots of cute puppies in a cage; puppies who were looking for a forever home (top photo).   I don't know how many shots I have of dogs looking hopeless out of cages; I do know that I have too many. 

I walked over to where my husband was chatting with a guy who had this dog (below) and a Golden type dog looking for homes.  When my camera clicked the shot; this gal very shyly turned her head and quietly walked away.  No more shots of her were going to be taken.  She didn't freak out, she just wasn't a fan of having her photo taken. 

I headed back to where I had been photographing the tiny chihuahua puppies.  Standing back to take in all the booths and checking out what I might have missed; I turned around, the below image was before me.

The little girl desperately wanted to touch; I would imagine she'd been told not to put her fingers in the cage.  This little puppy wanted just as desperately to touch the little girl.  The pup reached out several times and I took a few shots hoping that I'd caught the moment.  For me this is a powerful image; and a little overwhelming.  I feel like we are missing the point with dogs; so many sad homeless dogs, so many left abandoned and abused.  We have such a strong natural connection; the human/canine connection.  So many miss it; countless humans will never get it, the emotional connection well beyond their grasp. 

What are we doing?  We need to reach out and take that tiny paw;** make the connection and become better human beings.  Like I said; 1000 words.

**Not literally; you should never reach fingers into a cage.  This little girl had it correct.