Is there anything on this earth more loyal than a dog?  My answer would have to be no; there is no other creature on this earth more loyal than a dog.  Dogs are loyal to their owner, the family members within their home, although it does not stop there.  Dogs are as a species loyal to us, even when we humans are far from loyal to the dog.  

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
Josh Billings.

Loyal:  faithful to any leader, party, or cause, or to any person or thing conceived as deserving fidelitya loyal friend.  


A dog is by far much more superior in the loyalty department than we are.  Funny how that works; as a more intelligent species we should be the ones who show more devotion towards our friends, family, acquaintances or co-workers but sadly many of us fail.  

With a serious disadvantage they still come out winning for loyalty.  No matter what mix, purebred, size, color or shape they all start with a canine Mother from which they are swooped away at a young age, some far younger than others.  Starting at this point the dog who was either chosen, gifted or fated somehow to this life, must learn to live in our human world.   We have evolved to a life as we coexist, humans and dogs living side by side.  Although our dogs do far more than coexist; they have perfected loyalty along the way.  

Gained a few pounds, maybe more than a few?  What about that crazy haircut you got the other day; it'll grow right?  Don't forget that dud of a boyfriend you brought home last week, the one who made your dog get off the couch.  Remember when you were so busy with a special project for a week that you didn't have time to go for a single walk?  What about when you had to leave town for a job interview and you left your dog at the kennel; remember that?  Or when you lost your job and had to buy the cheap food for a month or two, remember?  None of this matters to your dog, none of it.

Life is filled with ups and downs; at many of the down points you will find humans dropping off.  And oddly enough when the good times roll around the humans start to gather once again.  Not dogs; they stick around for the long haul, for better or for worse.  A dog is a simple creature; simple in their needs yet mentally complex.  As we finished up dinner last night; I rounded up the girls and got them situation each on a bed.  Luke was spinning with delight as I was about to sit down.  He get's very excited when I'm parking it; whether it is in the living room, family room or at the computer he loves when I sit down.  He gives me a contented poke as if to say "okay good, we're chill'n here for a bit," and finds a place to rest.  He loves together time and is very demonstrative about it.  Simple.  

When you live with a dog or a pack of dogs you quickly learn what dogs want; and that is us.  Whether you are sleeping, eating, watching t.v., swimming, running or boating, they want to do it to.  Good food, a soft place to lay their head and you.  That's it; simple and yet unobtainable by many.  We have dropped the ball as far as loyalty goes.  It is time for change and that change starts with us, humans.  We have a far way to go but if we all head in the same direction we may just become the humans that our dogs sure think we are.