Wow; 8:00, are you even kidding me?  I can't even remember the last time that I slept in until 8:00am.  5:00 am is my typical up time each day and even on weekends it's usually around 6:30 so today is very different although last night I went to bed with the intention of sleeping in so I'm pretty happy.  As far as dogs are concerned; our guys would pretty much stay in bed until whenever.  During the week when the day starts early; I'm off to the gym and back and everyone is still sound asleep.

Over the years we've been very lucky to have dogs that love to sleep.  I know many people who are up in the wee hours of the morning everyday to let their dog out; we are lucky to have all sleep in dogs.  Now with all of them well into their senior years, sleeping is a huge part of life.  On a daily basis if you had a look into my house you would see 3 sleeping dogs.  Both Jessie and Tilley sleep really really sound now.  The sort of sleeping where you can shake them and it takes a while for them to wake up.  Luke on the other hand is a light sleeper because he follows me everywhere.  Where I am he is.

If the dogs have been on a big walk which for the girls is a small outing now they sleep even more sound and deeper.  It's great to see a dog who is truly tired from being out and about.  Sleeping sound is an extremely important thing for dogs just like it is for us.  It is the time when their body is rejuvenated; a time for complete relaxation.  All dogs should have somewhere that they can feel 100% at ease to fall into a deep sleep.  We know ourselves how wonderful that feels right?  As bad it is for us to go with little or no sleep it is just as bad for our dogs.

Sweet dreams to all.