They really are amazing

Yesterday my husband and I were outside having a conversation when Luke came out and wandered around.  All of a sudden he was very excited; definitely after something.  He was over by the side gate; his tail wagging furiously which is a sure sign that he had found a lizard.  As I watched he stood fixed right at the crack of the gate door.  He was wagging and searching for the lizard which had obviously scooted under the door.  He suddenly darted into the house and then came out again charging the gate.

I watched intently; he sniffed under the door, the crack and along the route which the lizard would have traveled.  Right then it dawned on me "did he just go in and look out the window in the kitchen?"  Shrugging my husband said "maybe."  As I watched Luke's frustration growing at the gate he made an abrupt turn and charged back into the kitchen again.  I immediately got up to see where he'd gone; he was standing behind the kitchen table looking out the window.  He was undoubtedly viewing the lizard on the other side of the gate.  What????????  How did he know that this window looked out to the other side of the gate?  This window is literally behind the kitchen table; not a daily viewing window.

Smart, smart, smart.  Had he seen me out this window as I walked through the gate at some point?  There was no mistaking that he knew clearly that the lizard was on the other side of the gate; not just slipped away somewhere that he could not see.  I went out to be sure that there was indeed a lizard on the other side.  Luke was behind me in seconds.  Feeling his excited breathing on the back of my legs I carefully opened the gate to have a peek without letting Luke in.  With booming excitement he could not contain himself; he burst open the gate and past me after the lizard.  Yep it was there, a good sized lizard.

Problem solving; oh yes, he had solved the "I can't see the lizard" problem.