My stuff

I thought I'd tell you all what I use as far as equipment, bowls, toys etc.  I have to say that I am a minimalist as far as equipment goes for the dogs.  The simpler the better in my books.  I like quality; nothing irks me more than a poorly made product that people are trying to pass off on the unsuspecting dog owner.  Even though I have my favorites I love to try new products and love it even more when I find something that I like.  There are things that I find that I believe would be great for giant or very large breeds and the little pocket pooches.  With a Jack Russell and two standard poodles I'm in the small/medium - medium/large range.  My poodles, although tall are very light weight so I don't need any real heavy gear.

My leash of choice is the simple cotton web lead.  I prefer the 8-10' length because I like that it allows me to let'm roam now and again.  I don't want a leash that keeps a dog by my side and cannot extend out.  I do have a couple of very short leashes for specific times but for the day in and day out I use my 8-10".  I use the 5/8" width and I have both black and red.  The red is by far a better color as it does not get lost as easily in the grass, I'm forever losing my leashes.  The leash is easily gathered up in my hand for when we need a short leash and then I can just let it out again.

Luke wears the Easy Walk Harness by Premier.  I really like it for dogs who like to pull.  He doesn't pull often now but I still really like this harness.  Jessie wears the Yap Wrap that I have tested and reviewed.  I love it for her; it is very comfortable and nice and secure.  It also doubles as a vest to be harnessed and buckled up when in the car.  I would really love to get one for Tilley to help her get around, it has a great handle on the top that I could grab to assist her but it looks like they are only for small dogs.  I'll check it out. 

Tilley wears a slip on greyhound martingale with an attached leash.  I can easily slip it on and off and it is faux fur lined to be extra comfortable for her neck.  I got it at a dog show years ago and love it.  Martingale collars pull over the dogs head and tighten so that it cannot be slipped.  Not that Tilley needs that at all but dogs who might slip their collar are prime candidates for this type.  I like that I can easily slip it over her head and off again. 

Our food bowls are stainless; I have several.  I like to keep at least two bowls for each dog so that they have a clean bowl always.  All the food bowls have non slip bottoms.  I prefer the type that I can throw into the dishwasher.  There are several porceline water bowls around the house.  One in the kitchen, one in the downstairs bathroom and one outside. 

We have a basket full of toys; everything from indestructible to very destructible.  Of course when the dogs are using the rip apart toys they are supervised.  I get most toys at discount stores but again love to try any new toy out that might be a hit with the gang.  I do stay away from rope toys; I do not like how they frey and can be pulled off to edible strings.  We have no string toys.

Beds; as you know, lots of them.  Beds in every room of the house.  I usually purchase them from either Costco or Homegoods/Homesense.  It is essential that they have zippers so that you can remove the casing and wash it.  And they must be good and squishy, no thin beds for my guys.  They get the squish test before purchase.

I buy biodegradable poop bags from several different sources so that I always have a lot.  I prefer the non scented ones; the smell of the scented ones is just a bit too obvious and obnoxious.  Plus my husband hates the scented bags. 

I use a dremel tool for nails and have a box full of grooming equipment for my poodles.  I have a tiny soft baby brush for Jessie who is the one that gets brushed the most as she sheds.  My poodles are shaved down fairly utility like so not much maintenance there other than the initial shave.

Like I said; simple.