Man it's been hot; yesterday I thought I might just melt away.   As I was out and about I was thinking about my dogs left back in the A/C and how happy I was that they were indeed cool as cucumbers.  I hate to see dogs out  sweltering in the heat needlessly.  Getting our pooches out before it gets too hot or after the heat cools is so important.  And exercise should always be saved for the cooler temps.

We walked into the cutest little shop yesterday and as I wandered around the store realizing that there was only fans to cool the building I was ready to leave.  The humidity level was up to..................oh say a zillion (maybe exaggerating a little) but what caught my eye just before I left was a dog in the back.  It was a big shaved Australian Shepherd; lying out on the wood floor with a fan blowing on him.  Smart dog and wonderful owner; she was up in the front where it was hot but he, her dog was cool in the back.  Of course; this made me smile and I stayed to look around for a bit.

I found this cute jute dog bone rug and of course had to have it, then we went on our way.  Back out in the sweltering heat again and we were looking for a place to drink, I could feel the fluid leaving my body with every step in the moisture filled air.  We passed a couple of stores that had water bowls out front with "WE LOVE DOGS" signs, love it.

I was happy to see an absence of dogs actually.  As much as it pains me to be void of dogs it makes me happy to know that people are keeping them indoors in the cooler temps and out of the sweltering temps.  Ah summertime, summertime............water, A/C and shade fun for all.