Trust:  reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.   Confident expectation of something.

Let's talk about trust.  Are you a trusting kind of person?  One that relies on the hope that everyone is who they say they are and acts accordingly to that?   If someone tells you that they are a Doctor; do you blindly trust in that simple fact that they are a Doctor means that they are a good Dr., or do you have a glimmer of doubt?  How about when it comes to your dog?  Like a pet sitter, Veterinarian or dog trainer?   I for one am a doubting Thomas; trust is something that must be earned in my books, especially when dealing with a member of my family and that includes the four legged members.

As a dog owner or canine guardian we have a big responsibility and that includes protecting our companion.  Turning our dog over to a stranger who has not earned our trust can be a scary scenario. I've heard of far too many negative stories with regards to owners handing over their dog with blind trust.  There are times when you get a warm and fuzzy about someone; but there is still that apprehension when handing over your dog.  Leaving your dog in the hands of a stranger is an iffy deal.  Let's face it; people can say whatever they want to and sometimes they say what they think you want to hear.

Recommendations are very important when having to leave your dog somewhere strange or with a stranger.  If you know several people who trust a facility or person then it makes it a whole lot easier.  Sometimes simple questions and responses help to relieve an uneasy feeling.  If you are having feelings of doubt about leaving your dog or allowing someone to take your dog; listen to those feelings.  I had exactly these feelings one time when at the vet and I should have listened to them before my nightmare unfolded.  

Never be afraid to ask questions; it is our chosen responsibility to care for our dogs.  If you have a new doggie day care to leave your dog at and are feeling not 100% sure, ask to stay a while.   Maybe you have a new groomer and are apprehensive about walking away, don't.  Anyone who is a true dog lover and professional will understand; and if they don't, there's a reason.

We work hard to build the trust of our dogs; they deserve our best to sift out the untrustworthy for them.  Trust is not a given; it is a goal built on time.