A bit of this and that

This was taken many years ago; I wish this was also our kiddie pool.  :)

Good Saturday morning; I hope that your week was a good one, mine was a hot one.  Its hot and only getting hotter; September is by far the hottest month here in Southern California and I am not above whining about it.  I hate hot weather so I'm out super early and then head indoors to hibernate for the bulk of the hot time and then I emerge again.  This weekend is going to be one of those; up in the high 90s today so we'll be out early.  During this weather I often fill up the little pool in the evening for the dogs or I should say poodles to play in.  They love it and I get to sit by the pool; albeit little pool.

I'll be heading off to target today to get more underwear and pads for Tilley.  She has been wearing diapers at night but not liking wearing them.  I got the largest children size available which is a 6 but she could use a 7 which they don't make.  Then I remembered the other day that when she was still intact and having seasons that I use to have her wear little boy underwear and pads.  She was fine with it and quite comfortable so I head out yesterday to get some.  I couldn't find size 4 so got a 6 and they are a bit loose.  She can wear them but I'm going to hit another Target to see if I can get a 4 so they are just perfectly fitting.

Our last year we have seen a great deal of change; we have our little Jessie (15.5 year old JRT who is curled up beside me as I type) with Dementia and Tilley with different ailments and challenges.  I've written about it all so if you look back you'll find it all.  Tilley's incontinence is still fairly new and we are continuing to perfect our routine.  I'm hoping that these underwear will cut down on a great deal of work.  They also allow Tilley to sleep for a bit longer during the day without having to be put out.

Getting Tilley up and out is no easy task at this point.  She's pretty much a dead weight; having no intentions of getting up or going out.  Once she's down she's down in the afternoon.  She's old, tired and sore so it mostly up to me as I hoist her up and guide her to the door.  Once out she does a great deal of standing there and I wait.  Our life consists of a lot of waiting at this point; waiting, pushing, lifting, guiding and cleaning.  But how lucky are we to have our dogs in these senior years 11, 14.5 and 15.5, amazing really.