Care; real care

Today's blog is sort of a continuation of a previous blog, the one linked below.  So if you haven't read that one you might want to do that now before moving on.

Looking for a great vet

Tilley has not been herself since the visit to the facility in the above blog.  A couple of days after our visit we got a call from another vet from the same facility who gave us the blood work results.  Nothing out of the ordinary, WBC (white blood count) a bit high but nothing to be concerned about.  Great, Tilley's healthy, right?  Hmmmm.

So; three weeks after our visit I get an email from the original Veterinarian that I saw with Tilley asking me to not return, that's right.  Never in my life have I been asked not to return anywhere let alone a veterinarian facility.  The reason seemed to be the protocol; of course!!!! I'd asked too many questions, pushed the envelope by asking to hold my own dog and be present for a blood draw, what was I thinking?  (yes sarcasm)   What I was thinking was that this was a new vet; this was my dog and I was not about to hand her over to any strangers.  I've been through this many times; asking vets if I can stay, if I can hold etc etc.  But once they realized that I was more than capable and was not going to faint at the sight of blood or worse they obliged and even put it in my file.  "Owner stays with dogs."

Can you even imagine being asked not to return to a vet?  I'd not even been given a phone call; it was in the form of an email.  Ah yes a paper trail, more protocol.  I had not yelled, pulled a fit, nothing.  I had simply asked some in-depth questions about procedure and asked to be with my dog, not a great deal to ask.  So my insistence to be with my dog got me and my dogs ousted.  Protocol over care, not a warm and fuzzy caring feeling about a vet that makes this choice.  There was no care about my dog and her health; just that I had pushed their protocol buttons.    The only good thing about the email that came from Alicia Pet Care was that they had sent the blood and urine analysis results along with it.


Today Tilley was exhibiting very clear bladder infection symptoms.  She'd peed fifty times within and hour; so I had to find a vet.  I found one close to me and they squeezed me in after telling them that Tilley was panting in pain.  If you've ever had a bladder infection you undoubtedly understand.  I brought along her blood and urine analysis from the other vet just in case.  When we arrived we had a small wait and were seen.  Tilley was weighed and had her temperature taken which was 101.9, good.

As soon as the vet came in and met Tilley he got to the blood results of the panel.  He quickly circled the results which were marked (HIGH) and explained each one.  He said that this was definitely a worry and that something was going on with her.  The other vet had dismissed the results as a bit of stress and had only mentioned one of the FIVE (HIGH) results as being slightly elevated and nothing to worry about.  All I could think was thank goodness I was forced to go somewhere else.

Just as I am always explaining that each and every dog is an individual; so too are the owners attached to those dogs.  There are many people who walk into a vet and simply hand over their dog; they want nothing to do with maintenance or upkeep.  I understand that and it is wonderful that these people can just turn their dogs over to be cared for.  But that is not me; I am about as hands on as you get, I do everything and nothing makes me queezy  or grossed out.  I am very interested in it all and if I don't know something about an illness that one of my own dogs or a friends dog has, I dive into a ton of research to find out.

This whole experience has left me very bitter; mostly because there was a lack of caring for my dog, Tilley.  She doesn't deserve the whole "Corporate America" routine; no she deserves the care and concern from a veterinarian who became a vet to help animals.   Another life lesson I could have done without but each and everyone has had a part in making me who I am today and I am my dog's Mom.