Changing the laws

As I read more and more about Puppy Mill raids and see all the dogs who are left to be rescued; sick and suffering mentally it really has me wondering why this is taking so long.  Why are there still Pet Stores who sell puppies?  Why are there still countless numbers of Puppy Mills who supply the shops that sell them and the online shops who sell them.  Recently I've seen a couple of new Mills who've opened up; and they are proud of it.  No hiding behind the "small family breeder" guise.  They have pictures of their sprawling facility; room for hundreds of dogs.  (cringing)

Mass production of dogs is simply the root of the problem.  Too many dogs being bred for profit with no concern for mental or physical health.  Pumped out factory style and shipped off to all the people shopping at the malls.  There are still people who go into these shops knowing full well where the puppies come from and hand over their hard earned money.  Yet it is the same people who complain when their dog is deathly ill or worse.

People who mass produce puppies do not care about the animals; and that my friends is the bottom line.  No puppies at the pet store are born and raised in a wonderful home with folk who love them, no.  Many Mills boastfully display their facility; a farm like set up with cages galore, rows upon rows of breeders and their offspring.  Not all Millers are filthy, disgusting, ram  shackled back buildings in disrepair.  Oh there are lots like that; we've all seen them online and television.  But there are some who are newly set up; farm style and clean.  Clean is where they think that they are different but there are still Millers, just clean Millers.  What they don't show you is the lack of human contact; individual care, the kind of connection that each and every dog deserves.

But do not be fooled not all Millers sell their goods through shops; many go the online route.  I know way too many people who bought their dogs online; they chose a puppy from a picture, paid via pay pal and their dog was sent to them.  Who knows what goes on behind these wonderfully depicted images of puppies propped up beside flowers?

With all of these facts; with it all out there now for all to see why I ask is it taking so long to stop it?  It is the core cause of the problem......................too many unwanted dogs.   We need to get a whole lot louder about these sorry excuses of humans and shut them all down.  It is disgusting and cruel; what part of that should be allowed to continue I ask?  For the big guys up there, the ones making the laws; it is time to put an end to it all.