Good days and bad days

I've had a headache for three days; and on top of that add a wrenched neck.  I wasn't sure what the heck I'd done to my neck until last evening as I hoisted Tilley up and carried her down the stairs.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a good probability, lifting and carrying Tilley.  So, a not so great couple of days but tomorrow is another one right?  This got me to thinking about good day and bad days for dogs.

Dogs do have good days and bad days and depending on their ability to display emotions outwardly is where it makes it easy or tough to read.  All dogs display how they are feeling differently.  It is the owners job to see the subtle changes between good and bad.  For us Luke is an easy read; he sends clear signals for his good and bad moods.  Tilley not so much but there are subtle signs when she is not lets say in the best of mood.

As a long time dog trainer I am always telling my clients that dogs are not robots.  You do have to factor in mood; now that does not mean that they get to completely ignore you when they are not in the best of mood but they should receive some slack.  Patience, it all comes down to give and take.  When we are not in the best mood; none of us would appreciate someone pushing.  A little space, some extra time and things go much better.  Often if I'll see that Luke is in a funk so I just let it go completely.  I let him sleep it off so to speak.

Each and every dog is different and their moods are just as different.  Sometimes they need slack, for us to back off and other times they might need a cheer leading team.  But again it is up to us as canine guardians to know our dogs well enough that we can see these slight shifts between a good day or bad day.  Or for that matter a good moment and a bad moment.