I feel good - shower time

Dirty dogs are gross and believe me I've met many.  Sometimes a dog is simply dirty with good old dirt; like when they have a good dig session.  But then there are the times when they have just gone too long between baths and a big hug is all that is needed to know that it is bath day.  Luke had a good digging session yesterday and it had been a while so that was my sign that it was bath day.

Sunny Sunday bath day; well at least two out of three got done.  It is a strategic process, one that is well thought out with deliberate steps to the final results.  Once one dog goes in the other ones stress; well at least the other poodle or poodles.  These days Jessie isn't really aware of much other than feed time.  I was going to put Luke in first; he was sitting beside me as I worked on the computer but then he left.  This meant that I would have to call him to the bath; this is always a huge tip off and the shaking begins.

I opted for Jessie, she was sleeping so I just grabbed her and in she went.  It is a quick procedure for a smooth coated 14 lb little gal.  I put a good amount of shampoo on before the water; this is something that I started a couple of years ago when we had a bad flea problem.  Soap goes on, then I add the water so there is instant suds just in case there are any stowaways on board.  They cannot get out of the soap and drown quickly.  Happily I saw no one emerge in attempts of saving themselves yesterday.

I achieved an unnoticed bath for Jessie, that is until I put her outside to dry.  One shake and the waft of shampoo gave Luke a heads up.  He stressed a bit and I resumed my computer work; Luke stared at me with suspicious eyes.  Once I had worked for a while he let his guard down and I quickly ushered him into the shower.  It was all done so quickly that there was no shaking or trembling and we moved right onto enjoying the massage.  I always think that having a bath for a dog must feel pretty amazing.

But it's not a bath really is it?  We always say our dogs are having a bath but they have showers.  Even when they are standing in the bathtub they get a shower.  My guys are always in the shower, we have two showers and one bath and they are never in the tub.  We often see dogs on television in a tub in the yard or the bathtub but most people shower.  Throwing your dog in the bathtub and filling it up could lead to a huge mess unless your talking about a tiny guy.  Anyways, back to showering.

Once Luke was done it was outside to dry as well.  He always has the zoom around after and I hang outside with him until he is dry enough to come in.   I then went to get Tilley who was snoring away; sound asleep tucked in a corner and I did not have the heart to wake her.  So it is in the shower for her today.  Done for at least a couple weeks and we start over again.