Sunday morning

I fell asleep last night to the sounds of Tilley snoring; she'd drifted off to a very deep sleep quickly, old dogs can certainly sleep.   Luke was on the end of the bed as usual twitching away in his dreams; I've never met a dog who dreams as much as Luke.  He is fully awake and the next moment deep in sleep chasing down some prey.  Last night was a great sleep night; the breeze coming in and no one stirred, except for this morning.

The door burst open as a speeding Jack Russell bolted through it and into the room; we're not sleeping anymore.  It was Jessie's typical morning routine; out for a first pee then charge back into the house like a Tasmanian devil.  Luke, Tilley and I all were rudely awaken by her crazed flying around the room with treat anticipation.  She is awaiting the ritualistic morning treat and she is not into passively waiting.  I groggily get up and grab the cheerio bag, multigrain  cheerios that is and toss a handful around the room.  This action stops her charging as she re-directs her attention immediately to the task at hand; snorfling the food off the floor.

I gave Tilley and handful of cheerios as well; she loves them.  It is amazing that after this many years she still likes these plain little o's.  Cheerios are what I start my puppies out on as training treats for the simple things.  There was a big span of time when there were no cheerios but I've discovered that it's a great thing to chuck on the floor for Jessie in the morning.  Luke will have none of it; he doesn't eat cheerios, after all he is a lover of good food and these little rings of nothing are just that, nothing to him.

Then Dad arrives with breakfast, yes breakfast in bed.  Sausages and cheese; now Luke is awake.  I toss him a couple of pieces of cheese at the end of the bed and being that I am not a good aim they fall about a foot from his face.  He's not affording any energy to stretching out for a piece of cheese.  Then I toss him a sausage; oh yes, he'll stretch for sausage.  But as I toss another piece to him it lands about 1.5 feet; too much energy needed for that stretch and he waits for Dad to get it.

Tilley, Jessie and Luke all have their share of sausage and cheese and now its back to sleep time.  Soon we'll be back from the gym and it will be walk time; or for Tilley and Jessie I should say crawl time.  After our morning walk we will have a house filled with the sounds of silence; three old dogs snoring their day away.  Nice.