Visiting Ocean Beach

Of course you want to bring this little face with you.  I was down in Ocean beach, CA yesterday visiting my daughter and have to comment on how dog friendly it is.  Not only are there dogs everywhere but the whole atmosphere is friendly.  There are places where you can take your dogs and you see a few here and there but here they are everywhere.  The casual feel gives off the sense that dogs are more than welcome here, they are a part of the whole scene.

We ate at a Restaurant called Shades which is ocean side.  The dogs had to remain outside of the patio (lots of noses looking to come in) at this restaurant but another restaurant just a stones throw away allowed dogs inside their patio right at your table.  When we finished up and were headed to the pier I noticed a young couple with two Mastiff pups.  They were tucked away nicely under the table; obviously something they were already accustom to.  Nice.

There were dogs everywhere and because so many of these dogs are so well socialized just about all the dogs were very well behaved.  When society opens up to "DOGS WELCOME" everyone wins.  The owners get to spend more time with their dogs; the dogs get to spend more time out in the world learning to behave properly.  A win, win.


Even though there are dogs literally everywhere here it there seemed to be a big draw to all from those without.  Everyone stopped to talk to the dog in the second photo, the one left outside of the patio.  I stopped to talk to the little one in the first photo and as I moved on others took my place.  It is so refreshing seeing a community which is this dog friendly.  Many other communities could take a lesson or two from Ocean Beach, CA regarding "dog friendly."