Name training

Well; Elsa knows her name.  It didn't take long for me at all; she's a chow hound and chow hounds are very easy to teach if it involves food.  The thing is that she would drop whatever she was doing and come running if I called her, no one else.  So she was trained to her name in my voice, not actually her name.  So what's up?
No one else was rewarding her for responding to her name.  It meant nothing if someone else called because it literally meant nothing.  So now the training moves to the humans "everyone must be consistent."

She's got "sit" already, she came that way.   I'm not sure if the breeder taught her or she just figured that one out on her own.  Any time she would like something she sits; but if I wait her out she will eventually move.  She knows that when we go outside, I have a treat so she sits.  I try my hardest to keep the treat hidden but she has show she's got a high powered nose.    She also knows that if she pees she gets a treat so once I ignore her sit she goes and pees right away.

All day long I am calling out "ELSA," especially if she is busy doing something.  I call her name when she is going to eat, get a treat or play.  This has caused a very positive association to the word "Elsa."  I've met a great deal of dogs who didn't know their name, the owner didn't even know that their dog didn't know their name until I told them.  You can't just start belting out a word and expect it to mean something to your new dog.  You have to make it have meaning.  There should be a response to it, otherwise they don't know their name.  Of course unless they are older and simply ignoring you.  But even then there is usually some slight body language that lets you know that you are indeed being ignored.

So whatever you decide to name your puppy; let them know.  It takes a lot of repetition, sometimes so much that it can be annoying to the other humans around.  But it must be done so that you can move onto bigger and better stuff.  YES.