Thanksgiving - dogs

It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend which causes the "what are we thankful for" phrase to be pondered around the country.  This being a dog blog I will talk about what I am thankful for concerning my dogs and dogs in general.  First off and fairly obvious is the age of my dogs; having seniors nearing 15 and 16 and still healthy is amazing.  Each time we stop to talk to people and share the age of our dogs, people are shocked.  The most shocked is for Tilley and Luke, probably Luke even more so as he runs around like a young'n.  I met a woman the other day with a 9 year old hobbling around the park; when she heard that Luke was 11 she stood there in silence staring at him.

I am also thankful to have my senior dogs here to school Elsa, the real young'n of the family.   I am more than grateful that Elsa has joined our old family and brought some vigor back into a very sedentary lifestyle that we had become.  Just last night as we sat to watch a movie, Luke hauled himself from his very comfy and ritualistic spot on the couch to play with the puppy.  They ran outside and in, charging after each other with sheer joy.  Nothing is as glorious as seeing your dogs having great fun; especially the young and the old.

I am more than thankful that I have a wonderful husband, one that gets up at 4:30 in the morning to let the puppy out giving me a much needed break.  ;)  He has an huge spot in his heart for the canine species giving him an amazing relationship with each of our own dogs and compassion for all dogs.  

For all those who rescue and rehabilitate dogs; I am thankful for you all.  Light is being shone on the dogs and things are slowly changing.  As far as abuse, over breeding, fighting and  neglect issues things are moving far too slowly but at least they are moving; there is a glimmer of hope over the horizon.  A large movement towards the welfare of the animals and as the great Ghandi once said.

The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its animals." ~Mohandas Gandhi