The Holidays and Puppy Mills

The Holiday season is just around the corner; which means that the millers are milling at all time highs.  What are the hopes and dreams this season; these folks who mass produce dogs for for a living?  Peace for all mankind?  I think not. Bucks, the almighty dollar from you for their merchandise................puppy mill puppies.  It is a sad state that these still exist; truly, after all the publicity, the television shows, the documentaries, people are still sauntering into these stores and purchasing puppies.  Not only puppies but all the rest of their pet related supplies; giving money to the companies that support the horrendous treatment of dogs.

I have a new Facebook page, please visit and spread the word.  Shutting down puppy mills.  

The only way that these perpetrators of suffering can be stopped is to stop the purchase of their goods, the puppies.  Each time a puppy is bought; more money is put into the hands of these horrific people.  (Let's just call them people for now.)  I live in a pretty nice area; we have many malls and shops around.  It boggles my mind that some of these malls allow the sale of puppies after all the hype.  The closest store to me that sells puppies is Barkworks at The Shops at Mission Viejo.  I don't know how many mill puppies I've worked with over the years but it is very sad to see them.  I've met sick, dying, deformed, behavior challenged and worse all purchased from the pet store.

Many of the people I meet who have purchased puppies from the stores knew what they were doing.  They sheepishly say to me "I know I shouldn't have but I looked at those eyes and that was it."  Sad indeed.  Purchasing a puppy from a pet store is far from saving a life; it is dooming the dogs left behind at the mill, the Mothers and Fathers to more suffering, further torture, a life that no dog should ever have to endure.  Each and every puppy that is purchased from a pet store puts money into the hands of the people who inflict heinous crimes against dogs.

No dog deserves to spend their life behind bars; pumping out puppies for the profit of their captors.  Make a statement here and now; never set foot in a pet store that sells puppies.  Spread the word; the only way this will ever stop is to stop the buying.