Tuesday ponderings

Good morning everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful Howlloween.  It was a last minute sort of deal for us; having no small children and a plate that is running over at the moment I almost forgot about it.  At 6:00 my son and speed carved our pumpkin and set it out; I got the candy out and was ready for the few we would have at our door.  I had planned on having Elsa join me for each candy give out; kids in costumes is a great socializing moment but with a big day under her belt she passed out.  She awoke for one bunch of trick or treaters and of course loved them.

We had a walk at the Marina again yesterday; this time it was just Elsa.  It is extremely important to take puppies or new dogs out without their companions.  I've seen far too many dogs who cannot deal with life on their own; they've always had their pack with them and feel naked without them.  So sadly Luke stayed at home; but he did catch up on some much needed rest for his stiff legs.

We met some great friends at the Marina; one dog in particular who Elsa had not met yet was a big male with huge hair.  As he made his way in our direction I thought to myself that he would surely scare Elsa and he did.  Males are scarier in general than females and puppies just tend to give them more space.  She had a moment of AHHHHH and hid behind my legs only poking her head out to see him.  They sniffed and within 30 seconds she was diving on him like they were old friends.  This boy happens to love puppies which is really wonderful.

It was hot yesterday which seemed to suck the life out of all the dogs, old and young as well as me.  By mid afternoon I was ready for a nap.  Tilley seemed to have a not so great day; I am pondering taking her coat off.  Grooming is tough with her now as she cannot stand for long and she cannot stand on the table at all.  With her Vestibular disease lowering her head is the worst thing she can do; the moment she's on the table she  wants to fall of.  So she has to lie down making grooming a chore for sure, but I'm thinking with this SoCal heat that it needs to come off.  She has a coat for the cooler evenings which she seems to really like, unlike Luke who dreads the "evil coat."

We had some nervous ninny moments yesterday.  The dogs were all in my office with me; Elsa was of course fidgeting like crazy; Tilley was asleep on the dog bed and Luke took up his usual spot at the door.  Elsa wondered over near Luke as he slept and must have brushed his leg; he shot up like she'd jumped and landed right on him, such a nervous guy.  Then later in the afternoon Tilley did the same thing to my poor edgy boy.  He's the best dog ever but such a nervous worrier type.

I've got a list of places I'll be visiting in the next few weeks with Elsa.  I've been researching dog friendly facilities and plan to hit as many as possible.  The outdoor malls are a great place and they tend to be frequented by lots of other dogs as well as tons of folks.  So we'll be out and about.  We have friends coming over to play tomorrow which should be fun; I'll definitely have my camera out for that.  Elsa and I visited this particular dog when she was younger but she was a bit  much for Elsa so hopefully she'll be ready to romp this time.