Hotel etiquette

We are almost there; our new home, our destination after 6 long days of driving.  I can't believe we made it across the US.  We are sadly missing one of our passengers but we are almost there.  Over the last days we have stayed at many different hotels.  I had no idea what the dogs would think; how they would react but I have to say that I am way impress with my dogs.

Tonight we walked into the hotel room; Luke had a look around, sniffed the suitcases and jumped up onto the couch.  It was like he was saying "okay, cool."  Tilley has had the hardest time, she is the oldest and set in her ways.  Elsa and Luke have just taken everything in stride and after tomorrow it will be six very long days of driving, stopping and driving.

Hotel etiquette is lost on many; hotels that allow dogs are really going out on a limb.  Sadly I've seen many people just pushing it; asking for those hotels to stop accepting dogs.  Poop, poop everywhere.  Nothing drives me more crazy is people who do not pick up after their dogs.  The hotel puts out bags, garbage cans and has a special place to use and people still let their dog take and crap and walk away, disgusting I think.

Barking dogs?  I was in the shower and heard Elsa barking; I ran out and asked her to shhhhhhh.  She was barking because someone was letting their little yapper bark, bark, bark and bark.  She only did a couple of chicken barks but the other dogs in some room was barking up a storm, really?  Were the people really able to sleep through their dog barking like this when we could hear it so loud through the walls?  Honestly.

This is all new to my dogs; I have hoteled with dogs many times way back when I started with dogs.  With all the changes and new things thrown at my dogs I am extremely impressed.  Ya they're pretty great.  :)