The end of another year

2011; not a year I'd relish redoing but there were a few good moments.  Some highlights from last year.

Stanley; the gorgeous Chesapeake Retriever that I had the chance of photographing years ago was the main man at the Rosebowl Parade in January.    What a story.

My Christmas gift from 2010 was a trip to the California Wolf Center.  How exciting to watch wolf behavior and capture some fabulous images, a trip to remember.

Sadly around this time last year Jessie was hit with Dementia; she suffered for a year with this debilitating disease.

We had a great giveaway with terrific prizes last January.

Tested some great new leash product, I love testing.

Dealt with some REALLY?  issues.

Met some three legged wonders.

Tilley celebrated her 14th birthday

I got to shoot two goldens enjoying their pool

Had a wonderful guest blog written by Helen King on Agility

Another great day at the beach in So Cal with my main man squeeze.

Visited Yappy Hour at the Ritz in So Cal

Had the best photo shoot with my own dogs, a vase and water.

Celebrated Jessie's 15th birthday

Another fabulous shoot, this time the Doberman

Dealt with yet another horrible vet

Visit Ottawa and a whole knew pile of poodle friends

Luke's 11th Birthday

Visiting dog friendly cities

Bringing home Elsa

Visiting great friends

A sad fairwell

As I look over my blogs from the last year I did a lot.  There was a great deal of change in 2011; good and bad.  This is a New Year and I hope it will better than the last; it was a memorable one but not one that I would redo if I could.  I look forward to hearing from you all in the New Year; experiencing new canine activities with my guys and hearing about all of your dogs.  Have a wonderful New Year everyone; give your pooch a big hug from Sherri.