Getting through it

If you haven't already heard, I'm writing a book; I'm actually writing several, but this book is about my trip across the Country with my son and four dogs.  Getting through it has been difficult, it's like reliving it all over again.  But I will plod my way through and hopefully come out at the end less overwhelmed than I was after the real thing.  Below is an snippet from the book; these two paragraphs take place on the morning of our second day.  

Getting my book done is filling my days right now; I feel the need to get it done before I forget some of the key factors of it all.


Leaving Flagstaff, AZ

As we left the meteor area driving once again through the middle of nowhere I really wanted to stop and let the dogs rip.   Looking out over the vast empty fields scattered sporadically with cattle I realized that this might be a no, no.  There were no fences anywhere so someone had to be keeping their eye on these cows.  We drove past many fields that were free of cattle and for as far as the naked eye could see there were no cows around.  I chose a spot that seemed to be perfect; we stopped and decided to let Luke and Elsa out for a tear.   The ground was frozen solid which was a very good thing as I realized that dirt beneath our feet was scattered with huge cow pies.  I wanted to let the dogs rip and rip is what they did.  So glad to be off leash in an open field it did my heart as much good as their bodies to see them soar. 

I knew it was too good to be true; within moments an SUV could be seen coming from the “meteor compound.”   The dog police (actually the cattle guard) were even out here in the middle of nowhere.  The SUV stopped short of my xterra and the woman in uniform got out.  She appeared as an ominous figure which freaked Elsa out so performing her best tough guy act she ran to protect her family.  I shouted before the Cattle Guard could say anything “guess you want us to leave?”  “Not allowed on this land, it’s privately owned.”  “The cattle ranchers own it, it’s private land.”  Heading back to the suv shaking my head I stated “yep we’re leaving, just wanted to let my dogs stretch their legs.”  I got the dogs into the xterra and climbed in myself leaving her talking to herself.  Not one other car had come down this road; there were miles and miles of cow free fields, really?


It was a truly epic journey and I will do my best to share the adventure on paper with you all.  Stay tuned.