Killer wolves??????????????????????????????????????

Last year at this time I had visited the California Wolf Center.  It was amazing and I got some wonderful photographs.  When we visited we were the only ones there; we had a private tour so I was able to ask away.  Of course I had a million questions; I wanted to know the truth to so many myths thrown around about wolf/dog behaviors.  I'm writing about wolves this morning because there is a new movie out; The Grey.  (The advertising before the teaser is Science Diet; one of the worst foods out there that I know no way support.)

I have not seen this movie "The Grey" and am not sure that I want to.  Liam Neeson is easily one of my favorite actors; if a movie features him then I'm likely going to see it.  But; this movie could be very detrimental to wolves, fallout hysteria.  I am a fan of The California Wolf Center on Facebook and this morning they posted an article from Global Animal Magazine; titled "The Grey:" - A Bad Fairy Tale About Wolves.  It is a good read; I had no idea that the numbers of wolves had risen, this is great news but the movie may be the undoing to a rise in numbers.

More than likely I would have seen the movie because of the leading man; even though when I saw the trailer on television I had my doubts immediately.  Everything looks great on the trailer, the actor, the scenery, the crash...............all but the pack of wolves out to kill everyone.   Once I read the opinion of director Joe Carnahan on wolves I will definitely not see the movie.  It is amazing that a movie can affect people but it will most definitely be fuel for those who would see harm come to wolves.  They could have easily substituted the wolves in the movie for some scary snow monster; I would have gone to see that for sure.

As I sit here in bed writing I am constantly aware of my own two dogs cozy and safe on my bed dreaming away.  When you love dogs; how can you not love wolves?  Our dogs have us to protect them; who is going to protect the wolves?  US.   Sadly I believe that this movie was a very bad selection for Liam Neeson; there will be fallout most definitely but after reading about the opinions of someone like the director I ask you to think twice before funding someone like this.