Presidential dogs

Not the President's dog but a PWD named Tux that I shot for my book and this cover. 

It's Presidents' day so I thought I do a blog to celebrate the Presidential canines.  Remember when Obama was choosing a dog for his family?  Everyone wanted him to choose their breed; but he finally settled on the Portuguese Water Dog.  We'll be seeing a lot more of them now; sadly a little bit of hype can do great damage to a particular breed or mix.  I remember when PWDs were very rare indeed, now you see them everywhere.

Obama chose the PWD, the younger of the two Bush's; George W. had Scottish terriers and a Springer.  The older Bush made the Springer Spaniel a household name with his dog Millie who had puppies there at the White house.  Gerald Ford's Golden Retriever Liberty also had a litter of puppies at the White house.  Many dogs have come and gone in the White house.  Some left a lasting impression; others passed through without notice really.  It all depends on the press put on the dogs themselves; which is typically due to the interest put on the dog by the owner.

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