What the heck is with the weather?  Having moved North East I had prepared myself for a cold adjustment.  Walking the dogs around in Connecticut I quickly became aware of the common attire, down.  I had a short down jacket that had been pulled out on the coldest of days in CA, yes it does get chilly there.  We had a few days where it got down into the 30s which is crazy cold for CA.  But it had only been a couple of them and I loved every second of it.  I'm a Northerner from birth, born in Ottawa, Canada I was accustom to below zero temperatures having lived there for 36 years.

So I've been waiting and waiting like many others; waiting for winter to show up.  We had a hint of it one day with a snowfall but other than that it has been elusive.  Snow and cold are great for cleaning up the grounds, both for mud and muck and the nasty bugs.  I love when all I have to deal with is wet and not mud and wet.  And as far as the bugs or ticks I should say, well you all know how I feel about those.  Without the frigid temperatures the bugs will be flourishing this spring and summer.  Not good.

The temperatures here in CT have hovered around the 40 mark, yesterday was actually 50.  This is winter?  I'm not complaining about the temperatures but I am complaining about the lack of snow.  As a photographer I have been waiting to shoot snow, any snow.  Other than dogs in water, dogs in snow have got to be a favorite to shoot.  I love the look of everything covered in snow; how the snow flies as the dogs run, beautiful.  So I like many others in the North East am waiting; perhaps this year it will be waiting in vain and the snow will not be coming.  It waits to be seen.