The fog

Tuesday I got to the beach and it was amazingly foggy, I had chose not to bring my camera and was kicking myself for the decision.  So I decided that if it was going to be foggy again on Wednesday that I'd go back, bring the dogs and my camera.  I was thrilled when I checked the weather forecast and saw a dense fog warning. Yes!!!!! 

After a couple of tosses of the ball my guys met some friends to play with.  A six month old beautiful male black Labrador and a four year old hunting English Springer Spaniel.

He most definitely kept Elsa on her toes, he beat her to the ball many times.

She beat him to the ball too.

I love watching dogs just have fun.

This boy was as intense as Elsa is about the ball.

An 8 month old and a 6 month old, fun.

For puppies there is nothing better than being chased.

How much fun is Elsa having?

Elsa being a sore loser.

                                                                    Luke enjoying his freedom.

This beautiful Flat-coated Retriever came by and I got some quick shots.

Shaking off the salt water.

As I was heading for the Xterra I turned around to have one last look.  I dropped the chuck-it and captured this beautiful photo of the Labrador puppy and his Mom walking down the beach.

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