Dog Friends

Do dogs have friends?  Most definitely.  Do they enjoy having friends?  Most definitely.  

Friends:  a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

So what are friends to dogs?  Friends are members that have been accepted into the outer pack.  They can be human or dog but are recognized immediately as friends.  When you see a dog meet one of their dog friends it is quite endearing to watch.  They know instantly who it is and are generally excited to see one another.  A friend can do things that a stranger cannot, they are given a wider range of acceptable behaviors than strange dogs.  

There are dogs who become acquaintances, those that you see or pass often in a familiar park but a friend is different.  A friend is another dog that your dog is much more intimate with; more than likely they have spent a great deal of time together just chill'n or playing.  They often know their friends names and the mere mention of the name can bring upon excitement. 

Elsa has known Hank since she was just little; you can see how she feels about her friend. 

Elsa was just 4 months old in these images, she is now as tall if not taller than Hank. 

Yesterday we were at the park when one Elsa's very good friends appeared with my friend.  She let him go across the park and he ran full speed towards us.  He is not great friends with Luke yet as they have only seen each other a few times and it is a male.  I let Luke go first so there wouldn't be a problem and then Elsa.  They both new that it was Hank.

Luke puffed himself up and Elsa threw herself at him shamelessly.  She adores him and could not wait to have a rough and tumble with him.  Hank is nearing two years of age so he is a wonderful match for Elsa to romp with.  Luke has a different relationship with him being that they are both males and Luke is quite the senior guy.  He tends to want to establish his rank and Hank wants to be good friends with him because of it.  They will be friends but different friends than he and Elsa.  

Once the two youngn's started their tumbleweed routine I took Luke out of the picture.  The two ran, spun, rolled, leapt and ran some more.  The two run and tumble so much that you have to keep an eye on the poodle pile as to not be run over by them.  At almost twelve years of age Luke does not need to be a part of that craziness.  So we wander off and eat treats while the young two get out some of their ya yas.

Hanks owner use to have Luke's best friend Ragzz, they had a wonderful relationship.  Sadly she passed away due to kidney failure far too early.   I have not said her name since to Luke as he always lit up when I asked if he wanted to go see her.  Now Hank is Elsa's BFF, funny how things work out.  They played off leash for a good long while and Luke even joined in for a bit of fun.  He loves other dogs, especially when they are friends; even if they are boys.  

After their romp we hooked them all up for a nice walk around the park.  Elsa reached over often to give Hank a kiss, she has most definitely welcomed him into the pack.  Each and every dog that our dogs spend time with helps them to become a better all round dog.  Playing with others heightens their ability to tolerate vastly different behaviors from other dogs.  I am not dog park fan, I know of too many bad incidents occurring and do not frequent them myself.  I like to get out and about, we meet a lot of people and a lot of other dogs.  Some become good friends, others stay as acquaintances but all are part of life lessons.

Dogs have friends?  Oh yes they do.