Earth day

Photo above from my photography site

It is Earth day today so the focus is on our planet and it's well being.  I think one of the biggest concerns as far as dogs go is what they leave behind.  Poop, it is a big contributing polluntant factor and there is a lot of it.  So what can you do about the inevitable substance that our dogs leave us each day.  Pick it up for one.  I cannot believe the amount of people who still allow their dogs to drop and walk away.  For some reason they think that their dogs poop is not their responsibility; wrong, very wrong in many ways.  The other day I was walking at one of the most pristine and beautiful places with my dogs.  As we walked the pathways towards the beach, there on the path smack dab in the middle was a mound of poop.  I was actually shocked to see it there.  "Really? 

There are times when we don't have a bag, afterall we are only human and it has happened to the best of us.  After scouring pockets, pouch and bag you realize all the bags are gone.  I know if it happens to me I get this horrible "nooooooo" feeling.  But I have bags everywhere, my camera bag, my pouch, car, purse and most pockets.  It is essential to pick up after your dog and if for some reason you think that it is not your responsibility then you don't deserve to own a dog.  Bottom line. 

Not only should we be picking up but we should be picking up with biodegradeable bags.  Sure those groceries bags are free but they don't breakdown quickly, adding to the mountains of waste.  I buy poop bags at homegoods and other discount stores, they don't cost a lot and it gives me the opportunity to have rolls of bags everywhere, for those just in case moments. 

What about the amount of waste?  There can be a huge difference in the amount your dog drops depending on what you are feeding.  The better the food the less the waste.  When I feed my guys real food they typically go once a day and at a much lesser volume.  I've seen some dogs that eat garbage food, the kind you can buy at the big box stores and their waste is monumental in size.  What goes in must come out unless it is used to fuel the body and that is exactly what real food does.  So for a few extra dollars go for the high quality bag of food instead of grabbing the cheap stuff, your dog will be the better for it and there will be less waste.

Buy from home; purchase your food and treats from home, good ole USA, Australia, Europe and Canada, wherever you happen to live.  Make sure that the products that go into the food is from here as well.  Many companies are based here in  but get their in your home country but buy their ingredients from abroad.  There is no way to no what is going into your dog's food if it comes from so far away.  Also if a company is more concerned with the almighty dollar than quality food you should avoid buying from them in the first place. 

There are lots of little things that we can do to help out.  One person can make a difference, let that person be you.