Easter weekend at home

Luke with his happy face on while searching for ground squirrels at Dana Point Harbor. 

As you all know I am back in town, we arrived in Southern California just over a week ago.    I also know that many of you are wondering why?  Well it's a long story, one that I am writing about in a book which will be number two about my trip to CT and back.  But for now here are some pics that might help you to understand a bit more.  When you've lived here for nearly fourteen years it's hard to live elsewhere. This was a bit of what we did this past weekend.   Enjoy, I sure did.

Dad, Elsa and Luke

Some of the local wildlife.

We had come to see the sunset and as we rounded the corner of the marina it started.

Elsa watching the sunset, beautiful.

Then Sunday morning we hit The Montage in Laguna Beach with the dogs.

Elsa is so funny, as soon as her feet hit the sand she has a zoom, digs and zooms some more.  Here Luke joined her in a good dig.

Handsome old guy

Elsa asking Luke "did you see the size of that wave?"  

Not too hard to look at.

Heading home for breakfast with the wind in their hair.