Back at it

Spent the day at Coronado Beach yesterday, amazing.

The long weekend is over, Brad is heading back to NYC and Nicole goes back to CO tomorrow.  We had a great weekend but now it's back to reality.  For the last couple of weeks I put my book on the back burner, but today I will pull it out and get back at it.   I have completely finished the first draft, it's been edited and I have a great deal of work to do on it now that we've had a couple of outsiders read it.  I am anxious to get back into it and get it done.

I often sit and ponder the whole trip that Brad and I made.  The day we left, the emotional days we went through and how the heck we got where we are today.  How many times do you hear people say "things happen for a reason?"  That said you can then be left trying to discover what the hidden reason could possibly be, right?  It's called life and it is continually unfolding before us.  Sometimes things just happen because, that's it, just because.  There is no hidden agenda but there is most always a lesson.  So it's back to the book today.

We had a party on Saturday night, it was amazing to be together celebrating with family and very good friends. Elsa and Luke had a great time.  They both love to socialize although Elsa was getting a tad excited about it all. Of course everyone was gushing over them both; Luke is pretty mellow about it but Elsa gets wound pretty quickly.  Luke stayed on his couch as the first people started to arrive, Elsa greeted everyone.  But when a great friend arrived with her husband they both came unglued.  It is so funny to see the difference in their behavior when they recognize someone.  Elsa was just beside herself as she spun and basically went crazy.  Then Luke actually got himself off of the couch and did his own crazy spinning and jumping.  With both of them over excited it was time for me to have a break and a glass of wine so they headed up to my bedroom for a while.

Later on in the evening everyone wanted to see Elsa and Luke again so out they came to strut their stuff.  Elsa once again got so excited, especially when she realized there were more friends in attendance that she knew.  Luke was also excited but kept his cool this time, as any 11.5 year old should.  It is so great to have such social dogs.  Working on calming an over exuberant pup is much easier than bringing a fearful one out of their shell.  Especially when working with dogs like Elsa who are so food motivated.

As wonderful as the long weekend was it is now time to.........................get back at it.  I hope you all had a great long weekend and now it's time for summer.