Bath time

It's bath time for Luke.  Elsa had a bath about a week ago when I decided to do some touch ups on her grooming.  I don't often bathe two dogs in one day, its a lot on my back.  One day, oh yes, one day I will have this amazing tub.   But for now I hunch over to get the job done and no matter how hard I work out at the gym, it kills my back.  I try bending at the knees instead of hunching over but it still hurts.  My lower back is wrecked since my three kids, oh well.

I have moved bath time now to the bigger shower, in my room.  It gives me much more room to turn around and once they are done their bath they go directly out to the balcony for a good shake.  They have their first initial shake off and tiny rip out there and get the bulk of the water out.  Taking steps to minimize the work and hassle of bath time are well worth the effort.  We then make our way down stairs and straight outside for more shake, rattle and roll business.  They typically have a zoom and then intermittent towel drying.  Luke loves the towel dry time, he is always attempting to escape and it has now turned into a tackle and bite the towel time.  He loves it as much as I do.

Check out those bold eyes.   

Being poodles, they don't tend to get that strong doggy odor like the shedding breeds.  Jessie was a little stinker that often smelled like she had been rolling in something rank.   Even still poodles get dirty and they get stinky.   Luke is at that point now, he smells sort of like a dirty blanket.  Funny my boys have always been smellier than the girls, I guess it's the same as humans right?  ;)  So as long as the sun is out, he's going in the shower this afternoon.  I've decided that I'm going to let him air dry today.  That means that he won't be fluffy but will have tiny little ringlets all over.  It's a very different look than the forced air dry that they get when it is chillier out.

I don't my dogs more than I have to, it's not good for their coat.  If they are dirty they get a bath, or if they are going to be groomed.  It is much easier on my clippers if their coat is clean before we do any work.  I do not have a weekly bath schedule; you'd be surprised how long we can go without a bath.  If a dog stinks then they need a bath, bottom line.  If we hit the beach I often just blow the hair out with my forced air dryer.  As you all can see I'm not a fussy type groomer, I'm more a wash and wear gal.  Of course when Elsa had her puppy coat there was a large amount of fussing to do with that but now that it is gone we are good to go.

Once the bath itself is done with the fun begins.  I almost always bring out the camera for the event, great shots are always there for the taking.  That is if you are fast enough to capture them.  Have a great hump day everyone.