Toxic Chemicals

Yesterday I had a run in with some toxic chemicals, it was not my doing but someone who had come into my home supposedly to clean it before we moved back in.  I'm pretty sure that all they did while here was to spray stuff around, nothing was clean but there sure was a lot of cleaner around.  I had decided to do some cooking and turned on my oven to heat up; within minutes I was hit by a strong but familiar smell.  Oven cleaner.  I know that I did not spray it in my oven.  My oven is self cleaning like most ovens now.

I quickly turned off my oven and wiped it out the best I could.  You could see where it had been sprayed but not wiped away, really?  I then turned the oven on again.  The smell was still there, I figured it would take a while to dissipate.  After working in my office for about an hour I came down stairs with an armful of laundry.  As I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw Luke on his couch and it looked like he was trying to get up.  I realized quickly that he was having a seizure, I dropped my clothes and ran to him. 

He was just starting to seizure, I guess he'd been trying to get up to come and let me know like he always does.  I sat with my arms around him, holding his feet so that he didn't hurt himself or me with them. It was a milder seizure, not the typical distortion causing effects like usual.  I sat for a longtime and he seemed to be coming out.  Although he was with me mentally he seemed to still be in it.  Then he started to trembled and left once again, not fully as he still had eye reactions when I put my hand to his eyes .  This lasted a really long while, too long and I started to worry.  Why was he not stopping?

My mind was racing trying to figure out what might have caused this one.  He hadn't had a seizure in a very long time.  I actually had thought he might have grown out of seizures, it can happen.  Just then I thought of the oven cleaner, Luke is extremely sensitive to chemicals.  It was chilly yesterday so the house was pretty shut up.  I ran to the living room door and flung it open.  Running back to Luke I hoisted him into my arms and ran outside, I pulled a chair out from under the patio table with my leg and sat with him.  Within seconds he was back with me and licked my arm.  It took only seconds for him to be pretty much good to go.  I put him down and he shook it off.  No wobbling, no foggy behavior like a typical seizure.

Was it the fumes from the chemical in the stove?  I'm pretty darned sure, otherwise why would he immediately be better out of the environment? I hate chemicals, I don't use them.  I think that they do far more damage than we even realize.  I use Earth Pawz and Method brand cleaners which are readily available at most stores.  I also use a lot of good old baking soda and vinegar. 

When you reach for the bottle of cleaner or worse still disinfectant you need to think before spraying.  We have been brainwashed into thinking that bacteria is our enemy.  Kill it all before it kills us.  Hogwash, we need bacteria.  Of course not all of it but much of it.  All of these disinfectant cleaners not only kill the bad but they kill the good as well.  When our body is not subjected to bacteria, it loses the ability to fight for itself.  That is why I strongly believe that dirt is a good thing, and living with dogs even better. 

Our dogs allow us to be subjected to lots of different germs which inturn enables our bodies to grow strong in their fighting ability.  Of course I'm not saying that anyone should live in filth, just healthy germ surroundings.  Stop trying to kill all the invisible creatures and let your home become healthy healthy again.  The marketing people of these products spread fear in the general public, don't listen.  Go into your cleaning cupboard today and take out all of the bad stuff.  Below is a link to Healthier Home and Family that explains how to recycle those toxic products.

I read a great article years ago how we as a society are so less healthy because we have less dirt in our lives.  We put too much emphasis on clean and disinfected which is literally killing the good and allowing the bad to flouish.

There are so many toxic substances that our bodies and our dogs bodies are subjected to on a daily basis, don't let your home be one of them.  We need to be thinking about what we use.  If you have a cleaning service you can request that they only use green products.  I used a cleaning service once in my entire life and regret it big time. 

Just to let you know, Luke is fine now. 

Dirt is not our enemy, it is our friend. 

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