Looking for a forever home

I was smitten the moment I laid my eyes on this little guy.

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting five new dogs.  These dogs through no fault of their own are lacking a family.  Four of them were young dogs, puppies and each and everyone produced the awwww response in me.  These dogs are a few of the lucky ones though, they have foster families who are caring for them until they can find a permanent family to call their own. The group that these fosters work with are Friends of Orange County's Homeless pets.

I've written before about how much I respect and admire those who foster dogs.  After meeting the dogs yesterday I am once again inspired by the foster folks.  I don't how they do it but they do and they make a great number of people and dogs happy by bringing them together.  The people I met yesterday were all about the dogs, and seeing how happy and settled the pups were were after such a short time tells me that these are good places to be when waiting for your forever home.

The biggest difference for dogs who land in a foster home versus a shelter is learning.  The dog starts learning about living in a home and the foster parent gets a better read on what the dog is like living in a home.  The dogs that are lucky enough to be scooped and placed in foster truly benefit from the love and care afforded to them.

Below are some of the photos that I took.  If any of these tweak your heartstrings, please contact Friends of Orange County's Homeless pets and make one more homeless and much loved family member.

They don't come much cuter  (Kit)

He had the most adorable striped tail and looked very much like a Border Terrier.

Two tiny friends

I'd intruded on nap time, the fact that these two were so relaxed was wonderful. (Faith)

This guy was not at a foster home but at a daycare facility, he really needs a family. (Chance)

This guy was so handsome, he had the most amazing eyes and personality.

Look at those eyes (Tony)

What a sweet and timid guy.  He couldn't give enough kisses. (Clark)

Check out those ears, magnificent.

These are just a few waiting for their forever families.