Lucky Dad

Good morning, first let me say a big Happy Father's Day to all you dog Dad's out there.  I hope that you spend a wonderful time with your family today.  Because it is Father's Day I thought that Luke and Elsa's Dad should do this mornings blog.

Lucky Dad:  written by Steve Regalbuto

Yes I am a Dad but I prefer to spell it backwards.  Important qualification.......I have never blogged before so don't expect much.

Happy Father's Day to all the guys out there.  Father's day has got me thinking about what a truly lucky guy I am.  I was very lucky to have been raised in the family that I was, I had the best parents and grand parents in the world.  Cheers to my Father and Grandfather, two incredible men who shaped my life.  Both are now gone so on days like this I really miss them a lot.

I've raised three beautiful children who have become wonderful individuals and I couldn't be more proud of.  Our family unit is really tight (or tizz-ight as I'm told it's pronounced).  On top of that I've got two amazing dogs Luke and Elsa.  It's hard to think that just a few months ago Jessie and Tilley were with us, I miss them a lot.  One of the hardest things about being a dog Dad is outliving them by such a huge margin.  Tilley and Jessie were a big part of my life but with their loss I've now adapted to being a two dog family.

Seeing that we are empty nesters now, the two hounds pretty much take center stage for everything and I'm okay with that.  I'm going to share a few of my favorite things about my dogs.

-  The way that Luke looks at me when I say "do you want to go..............................."  His head tilts and his big ears pop up and he has to touch my face with his letting me know that "here I am."

-  One on one time with Luke on my walk.  I take him off roading and once we've crossed the border of general populous I unleash him and we go on an adventure together.  We've spent the last 11 1/2  years exploring hills, creeks, fields and terrain.  We have an's a guy thing.  We both love finding critters and checking out new scenery.

-  I love the way that Luke hangs with me the rest of the day after one of our special hikes.  He doesn't say it but he expresses that sense of connection.  He walks around with that look on his face like "dude that was awesome."

-  I love the way that I get greeted when I come in, it might be either two dogs spinning, jumping, wagging and panting or it might be two sleepy heads prying themselves of the couch limping over all stretching and yawning.  No matter what though they are always happy to see me making even the roughest day so much better.

-  I'm really starting to connect with Elsa, she is now starting to acknowledge that I actually exist.  Between her obsession with Luke and her worship of Mommy she is starting to see it's kind of cool to hang with Dad sometimes.  Just starting to groom her into my new running partner and I bet that over the years that our bond will grow that much deeper.  

-  I also love when they are sleeping on the bed, there is something really calming about the dead weight of a snoring dog on your bed.  Some nights when I'm preoccupied, their sense of peaceful slumber eventually gets to me and puts me down.

Anyway I'll sign off now seeing that this is the first blog I've ever attempted to write, it's probably pretty fragmented.  I'm going to enjoy this day hanging with my beautiful wife, curly hounds, wonderful daughter Jamie and Brad and Nicole in my thoughts and heart.  I'm the luckiest Dad in the world, Happy Father's Day to all.

P.S.  Father's do not have to pick up dog s&%t on Father's day  :)