A stroller?

The other day as we were heading to the dog walk I spotted this little gal in her stroller.  I just had to get a photo of her so I asked her Mom about it and her.  This little girl has had several back surgeries, common in dachshunds sadly.  So instead of being left at home she went to the dog walk with them.  Funny when we see dogs in strollers we immediately feel the need to roll our eyes but they are not all dogs being treated as humans.  Little Schatzie is very lucky to have a Mom that has bought her this amazing stroller to go out in.

I am a big fan of this stroller, for the reason that she was in it.  No I do not like to see dogs who are healthy and fit being pushed around in a stroller or carried in a bag for that matter.  Dogs should walk, no matter what size they are.  But if they are old, injured or sick then why not?  I think it's great.  I had already decided that when Jessie got very old and could no longer walk very far anymore that I would get her a dog carrier that is like a back pack for her.  It allows you to take a dog out and about rather than just leave them at home.   I imagined going on a big hike and having Jessie along for the ride, so cute and great.

My husband and I have talked about Luke as he ages and decided that if the day came when he could no longer do a walk then we will get a wagon for him, yep a little red wagon.  If he could get use to enjoying being in it that is.  Wouldn't we want someone to do the same thing for us?  If we are injured we have wheel chairs so that we can get out.  Being stuck in the house is no fun for anyone or any dog for that matter.  Dogs like us need to get out, I can't imagine staring at the same four walls every single day.

There are many styles of strollers and carriers for dogs.  This one pictured above with Schatzie in it was a beauty.  I think it is sad when people use them for dogs who are fine.  Dogs that should be enjoying a walk on the ground.   But for those who need them, I give their owners kudos for spending the money so that their dog's can get out and enjoy life even though they cannot walk for whatever reason.

Next time you see a little munchkin in a stroller, don't assume that their owner likes to pretend the dog is a little human.  Instead.....ask and you may discover that the little dog in the stroller is a very lucky one like this little gal.