What's in the bag

Good Monday morning.  Saturday my husband, me and the two poodles headed over to the local DAWG walk.  We were there for the social aspect of it.   The event is small one but close so off we went.  I think the best thing about the event is the Disc dogs, it is the group that Tilley and I got to play with a couple of times.  Amazing dogs with amazing throwers.  Just a few minutes there and my husband was handed the ever present "goody bag."  He hauled it around reluctantly knowing that I would want to check it out when we got home.

There are some booths set up, a few rescue groups, THE VET THAT ASKED ME NOT TO RETURN WITH TILLEY, some trainers and not all positive which is a big surprising these days and a few other random set ups.  Nothing to write home about.

Once home I sat on the livingroom floor with two very interested dog noses in the bag as I went through it.  "What's in the bag?"  The bags are typically advertising and big name brand products.  But occasionally there is something new and quality that I hadn't seen before.  So with Elsa nudging through everything I brought out and Luke patiently eyeing it all I donned my glasses for a read.  Much of the contents were tossed immediately.  I ran through the papers that are always in the bag fast, reading anything new which there wasn't much of.

Next onto the goodies, a "greenie type" bone that claimed to be very different from greenies.  They may be edible but the choking hazard is very real with these greenie things.  Tossed.  A bag of Natural Balance dog food which just recently had a recall, tossed.  A bag of Natural Balance cookies tossed, both because of the food recall and ingredients list.  A tiny package of Grandma Lucy "organic" cookies which when I opened the package smelled very much like regular human cookies.  After reading the ingredients they were tossed as well.  Sugar, cane juice and wheat flour were a few of the ingredients.  Often the whole 'organic' thing is used to make you think its healthy.  Just because something is organic does not make it healthy.  These were far from the healthy cookies that I make my guys.

There was a can of 'canidae' dog food, even though not recalled the dry Canidae was so it was tossed.  Liver treats stating 100% natural, tested in the USA but made in China, tossed.  A Natural Balance roll of dog food which was the big thing for training a few years ago, tossed.  Wheat flour and sugar are in the first three ingredients, SUGAR????  Tossed.

Two sample packs of supplements that were in the bag serve only as 'things to research.' You can't give your dog one pill or tsp of powder and expect to see something, so research.  A piece of unknown rawhide type thing called Barky Bark by Redbarn, made in Paraguay - tossed.

What did I keep and let the dogs have?  A freeze dried Stella and Chewy's patty, devoured.  A Mango Tango grooming wipe by Earthbath; I'll keep for those gross times.  Chewy treats made by KONG, I didn't even know that they made them.  It says they are made in the US so I'll give them a try.  That's it, that is all we kept.  I will check out the supplements but what a waste.  What about donating it?  I regularly donate food but I am not donating a product that I would not feed my own dogs.  I'll go out and buy something good to donate.

We had a good time socializing, always great when you have a youngster but as far as the goody bag goes?  A big disappointment.