Why blog?

As I sit here looking out over my neighborhood, listening to the sounds of my two dogs sleeping and watching their feet and faces twitch while they dream I am stumped.  It happens every so often that I have no inspiration for a topic.  I've been blogging for many years now and sometimes I just have nothing.  It doesn't take much to get me writing, a chance meeting at a park, attending an event or just a bath day.  Dogs offer us so much behavior that there is usually something to write about.  But this morning no behaviors came to me to be explained.

I like to blog first thing in the morning.  It is a quiet time before the day has started.  Sitting in bed enjoying my dogs is a great time to write, usually.  So this morning with no pending behaviors to pick apart I thought that I might explain why I blog to you all.  First let me thank you all for reading, knowing that even one person is helped by reading my blog is very rewarding.  I love feedback about my blogs and blog ideas that come in now and then.  Sometimes an idea is just what I need to get going.

The biggest reason that I blog is that I have a lot to say.  What I mean is that I like to share, I believe that everyone should share their experience and knowledge.  That being said not everyone wants to hear what I have to say so blogging is a great selective way to share.  If people don't want to hear what I have to say, they can simply not read my blog.  A blog is very personal, it is my opinion sometimes sprinkled with the opinions of others that I have dissected.  When you put your opinion out in public you can expect to be criticized.  Through all the years of my blogging I have only had two people be disrespectful of me and my blog.

I have been involved with dogs since the age of 13 and I just turned 50 last month.  So let's just say a very long time, k?  It all started in the conformation ring but quickly moved to behavior.  When I was young there was only conventional dog training so I have experience in that.  I look back and shudder at some of the things I was told to do and did from my very harsh teacher.  But because of this I know why I don't use that anymore and have the experience to back it up.  I have been a dog walker, groomed dogs for years and years, taught group obedience class then moved to strictly private in home training.  After many years of being a dog trainer I became a dog photographer which was made very easy because of my dog experience.  Having such a background allows me an insight that helps to get the shot and keep everyone happy through a shoot.

My family recently went through the loss of two of senior dogs, I blogged about it and hopefully it can help others. Having cared for two very senior dogs and everything that is involved I can definitely relate and assist others going through the same thing.  Before the loss of our oldest two we added a puppy to the pack, this too I shared about.  I have blogged about much of our life together and hopefully it has helped other going through many of the same things with raising a puppy.

I have over the years shared a little bit more of myself, my personal life so that you know better the person behind the blogs.  Who Sherri really is sort of.  My passion in life is dogs, it always has been.  I love everything about dogs and sharing my life with them.  From this quiet time now while I blog to seeing them run in a open field, bath time, feeding time, teaching, grooming........I love it all.  I am on a never ending quest for more canine knowledge, I do extensive research on nutrition, anatomy, health, behavior, new medical news etc. etc.

I enjoy hearing and seeing about all of your dogs and love when I can help in any small way possible.  Life is a never ending experience; so while I go through mine and learn along the way I like to share what I have learned.  When I am dealt with something bad I share that too in hopes that it will perhaps give at least one of you a heads up.  I really smile when I write a blog about a particular behavior and receive feedback that it has completely explained an issue that a reader was having with their own dog.

So there you have it, I blog because I want to explain "this is why, this is how, I did this, this is what happened to us, there's a cool new place, a great dog beach/park" etc. etc. etc.  If it concerns dogs, I'm all over it and will share whatever it is with you.  With two furballs curled up on my bed this morning, it is time to garden.  Today is my day off the gym so it's into the shower for Luke and then a much needed haircut.  Afterwards Elsa will be off for a rip and training session with Mom.  Have a great day.