Yappy Hour at the RITZ

Truly an amazing view.

We were at Yappy Hour at the Ritz Carleton in Laguna Niguel last night.  What an event.  Luke and I attended only one during last years season and it was a fairly small deal.  Unfortunately Luke had to stay home last night as he's got a sore shoulder again so it was just Elsa, me and my husband.  I think both Elsa and my eyes popped open when we walked in, the small event has turned into a huge event.  There was wall to wall dogs.

I was happy to see that they have added more seating, although they could use even more.  The huge yard where it is held is seeming much smaller as the event grows.  The profits raised from the event goes to the Laguna Beach Animal shelter.  From the number of people and dogs in attendance I would say that they must be raising a nice amount of funds for the shelter.

Elsa and I

When we first arrived Elsa became a bit unglued, she was on overload.  I don't blame her a bit, she had never in her life seen so many dogs in one place.  It was overwhelming to say the least.  But it didn't take her long to get into the swing of things as she socialized around with all the dogs.  She adores two legged and four legged beings and loved when someone stopped to say hi just to her.  She did amazing and I was very proud of her.

She did have a tiny incident, when one of the drink servers brought a tray to the table where we were talking to a very tall, dark and handsome guy's Mom.  Elsa thought the tray was for her.  She did a tiny jump, hitting the tray ever so slightly. But it was just enough to knock the guy off balance and down they came on tall, dark and handsome (Jedi) himself.    I apologized to the server and he said it wouldn't be the last on this night and smiled.

The cookie tray 

The cookies were a huge hit with Miss Elsa and this of course is why she jumped up to the tray with the drinks.  She'd received a cookie from a tray before we even entered the event and had been seeking out these trays all night.  Being the foodie that she is, she knows a good thing when she sees it.

Here are some of the dogs in attendance last night.

Big buff handsome guy

This little lady and her brother shown below were 6 mos. old and as such clowns.

What a face.

So many tiny ones, I mean really, really tiny.

Canine Companions for Independence in training

This was the youngest member in training having fun

Don't see Irish Setters much anymore, this guy was so gorgeous.  Elsa was quite smitten.

No words needed

This little Jack Russell pulled at my heart strings.  Even though he is a ruff coat he reminded me so much of my little Jessie.

Another, what a face.

Sweetness written all over this face.

The event is catered to canines and their companions.  Beverages are sold for the owners and flavored waters is complimentary for the dogs.  As I've already stated, cookies are served for the dogs on trays throughout the evening and food is for sale for the humans.  My husband got a burger which he said was really very good.  I would imagine it was good, it was from the Ritz after all.

All in all a great event, a wonderful place for canines and humans alike to do some socializing for a great cause.