Checking'm out

Good Monday morning everyone.  I had a great weekend and hope that you and your canines did as well.  On Friday morning my son sent me a link to a local OC restaurant.  I was thinking that it did indeed look like a great restaurant when I noticed an added note that he had written under the original link.  "Check out the dog specific menu."  So I did and it looked like a nice place to take your dog for a snack for sure.

After checking out the canine menu an idea came to me.  I'm going to check out all the local restaurants that offer a canine specific menu along with a human menu.  We will visit, taste and review them.  What a great idea!!!!!!  There are restaurants that offer up a good ole Milkbone for your pooch, yuck no thank you.  Then there are those restaurants that actually have good selections for our dogs along with a great human menu.

I'm not just going to be reviewing the dog dishes but also the human food items and the dog friendliness of each specific restaurant.  I will note ease of access, parking, custom service (which is huge for me) and anything else that needs to be commented on.  Dogs are a integral part of our lives and everyday, so many shops are making theirs a dog friendly one.  When a store takes that leap into including 'mans best friend' they catapult themselves into a whole different realm.  Obviously I think it is wonderful when they include our dogs but it must be done correctly.

 Lots of people these days are jumping on the bandwagon.  Many celebrities are dabbling in the canine nutrition or product ring just to make a buck.  I have yet to see any of these products shine as far as a spectacular must have.  I always refer to a quote that my husband has been saying since I met him (over 35 years ago) when stepping off into a new endeavor.  "If you're going to do it, do it right."  So I will be visiting these establishments who are not only dog friendly but offer our best friends a menu of their own and see if they are doing it right?  As far as I'm concerned that is.

Once we taste all of the local, maybe we'll go global.  :)  Yum.