Elsa is 1

Elsa is a big one year old today, so I wanted to tell you a bit about her.  Not that you don't already know all about her seeing that she has a huge number of friends who have watched her come into my home and grow into a beautiful young lady.  

People often wonder when the best time to add a new dog is; well this was the most perfect of time for us.  With Jessie nearing 16, Tilley almost 15 and Luke 11.5 it seemed crazy.  But it was actually perfect.  Sure I had a crap load of work to do with the two old ladies but Elsa got to meet a share just a bit of how wonderful they were before they left us.  I have already seen the impact Tilley had on her in many ways.  

She has had many experiences in her very short life already.  Elsa is one of the most adaptable dogs that I know, throw her a situation and she is like "okay, cool."  She is also one of the happiest dogs that I have ever met, most definitely a cup half full kind of gal.  She is up for anything, anytime, anywhere.  

Elsa lost her two senior mentors very early on and then quickly and intensely attached herself to Luke.  The two are pretty much attached at the hip now.  She has brought life into him and got him off of the couch.  I am most positive that she was instrumental in getting him through the loss of his two life companions.  He had a few bumps but she was always there saying "come on Luke, let's play."  

Elsa is a foodie; when I knew we were adding another dog to our family I hoped that I would not get another fussy pants.  I did not, Elsa loves food just like the rest of us.  Although she has very good manners and will wait her turn, most of the time.  

She is a high drive girl with bucket loads of energy.  But like most standards she has an off switch and is very happy to just chill.  It always amazes me how dogs can go from a deep sleep to full on rip and tear within a fraction of a second, she is no different. 

You will often hear me saying that Elsa is scary smart, oh yes she is crazy smart.  After having poodles for nearly 30 she is the smartest so far.  She learns intensely fast and like I said, adapts.  

She also has a sweet side to her, one that is continually blooming.  She is very sensitive yet tough, much like Tilley was.  She loves to snuggle and be with her people.  Elsa has yet to meet anyone or any dog that she didn't like.  Oh there was that one dog at the park the other day that she wasn't really keen on. But he kept hitting her in the side so I don't blame her for that one, he was completely rude.

I clearly remember how anxious I was to meet and get to know our new family member.  I wondered what she was going to be like, how she was going to fit in.  Well she fits perfectly, as perfectly as one can.  

I have to thank Elsa's breeder for allowing her to leave their family and join ours.  It is clear that she came from an amazing place a home all puppies should be lucky enough to come from.  When a breeder puts so much heart into a litter it truly shows.   

So who is Elsa today?  She is a most beautiful, structurally buff girl.  She is every bit a girl but very much a tom boy.  She has a great deal of drive but can quickly throw the off switch.  She is very much a Momma's girl and Luke's constant companion.  She adores her Dad and pretty much does back flips when he gets home each night.  She is also a friend to all, human and canine alike.  Who is she?  She is everything.

I met a woman at a park when we were in CT.  She told me when she saw Elsa "you should take a picture of that dog, she's beautiful."  I had to laugh.  Well, I've taken a few.  

Her first day with us and she has already claimed her big brother who she adores.

Their time together was short but amazing.

Hard to believe there is 14.5 years difference.  Very few puppies get this sort of guidance.


Flirt from the get go.


I know there are wings in there, we just haven't found them yet.

So sweet

A new friend to chomp (Hank)

Luke truly enjoying her as a puppy

She was never afraid of Luke, cautious yes but never afraid. 

A true monkey

Another friend to chomp (Lucy)

Ooops taller than he looks.

Daddy's girl


Moving to CT

A cherished moment

One of the gang

Still very much a puppy

Game on

Remembering Tilley at Tilley's park in CT

Really chilly morning play

She has always been drawn to Labradors

Pretzel time


Happy Birthday to my amazing girl.