I signed, have you?

This past weekend we were at the Mall, the Mall that has a pet store in it.  The pet store sells puppies; lots and lots of puppies.  It opened up years ago and has since changed hands I don't know how many times.  Each time I go to the Mall I cannot believe the number of people in there looking at puppies.  The puppies are exorbitantly priced and yep, they come from mills.  Mills where the Mothers and Fathers are left behind to live out their life in cages.  The cages could number into the hundreds.  Many live in filth, are not cared for, have any number of diseases and lack even the basics.

Outside the store and down the hall, actually directly outside of See's (what a coincidence, yum) was a petition signing table.   It was held by Best Friends so I of course went over to see.  They are trying to shut them down, the pet store.  Or least stop them from selling puppies and kittens in their store.  Sweet.  I'm all for shutting these guys down, in my books they are just as bad as the millers themselves.  They don't care about the dogs, they care about the money.  

The girl at the petition table told me that a woman who had been in the store in the morning said she had wanted an English Bulldog.  The one in the store was 4,000.00.  Really?  We discussed the whole Miller situation and I gladly signed the petition.  In this day and age I actually cannot believe that they still sell puppies in the pet stores.  There is absolutely no way that anyone doesn't know about where the puppies come from.  Sure the folks that work in the stores will say "no, we don't sell puppy mill puppies."  But they are lying, all the dogs in the pet stores are from millers. 

Let me just say this, reputable and ethical breeders do not sell their puppies to pet stores.  Bottom line, they just don't.   I've heard all the lines from the pet store people.  They get their puppies from a nice woman not far away.  They get their puppies from a private source, not a mill.  Anyone who sells their dogs to a pet store is a miller.  Sure they be a small sized mill; but they are still millers.  They pump out dogs for money, there is no special care, no love, no socializing, no nothing but a dollar sign.  A mill is a mill, there are only different degrees of disgustingness. 

If you give your money to the pet store people in the hopes of saving a puppy?  Think again.  You are actually giving the pet store owner and the miller more money to do it again.  If and when those stores are closed down and the millers put out of business, all the dogs and puppies will then be saved and placed in forever homes.  But until that time each dollar you give them fuels their disgusting greed.  

If you have bought a puppy from a pet store before you knew, don't beat yourself up over it.  If you are thinking about doing it now when you know, when everyone knows, shame on you.  Do not go in the store, do not even go in and buy food, a collar or a toy.  Do not give those blood sucking low life people your money.  They care nothing about the puppies that they sell.  They simply want your money, that's it, your hard earned money.

Yes I signed and I will sign every single petition to shut them down that I can, have you?  Time to put the pressure on.