Pool time

Here she is trying to get the toy with just a paw in the water. 

Yesterday we got a new pool.  We'd thrown the old one out when we moved, so we needed to find another.  It was not an easy task, we hit all the places that carry them and they were sold out.  Feeling defeated we headed for home; my hubby dropped me off and then went to the grocery store.  When he got home along with groceries he'd brought home a pool, I was so happy that he'd found one.  He got it at the little local hardware store, they always have everything.  

Almost a year ago to the day I published this blog full of images with Tilley and Luke playing in the pool. Elsa was only 2 weeks old and in Ohio when I shot these photos and did this blog.    Playing with Elsa and Luke in the pool was an emotional time yesterday.  We did a great deal of reminiscing over Tilley.   

So you can actually stand in this thing.

My dogs have always loved playing in the pool.  I throw the toys in and they retrieve them.  Tilley was my ultimate water dog, she loved to retrieve the toys from the bottom and kept her toys in a pile once she pulled them out.  Elsa had a couple of pool days last summer to watch how it was done but at the time she had no interest in participating and remained a spectator.  

But yesterday it didn't take her long to figure it all and realize that this activity could really be great fun.  She sniffed around reaching out far to try to get her toys floating in the pool at first.  It wasn't until Luke joined us and stuck his head in that she realized that she could get the toys that had sunk.  She also didn't realize that you could stand in the pool until Dad jumped in to show her how much fun it was.  

Luke joining in the fun with Dad.

Showing Elsa how it's done.  Although he kept trying to get the image of the octopus off the bottom.

She is a very intense sport girl.

She is trying to get the ball out with just her feet.  She pulled it up the side but couldn't completely get it out without sticking her face in.  

Learning to blow bubbles; this is a fascinating step.  You cannot help them, they must figure it out on their own.  Many dogs take a long time to figure it all out but Elsa did within minutes.  

After a full face submerge.

Two feet in and a full face submerge retrieve, success.

Both Elsa and Luke water retrieving.

Luke still trying to get his octopus out.

Elsa waiting intensely for the toy toss.

She was soon an expert.

Elsa waiting for her favorite toy to splash in the pool.  She is always willing to partake in a new sport. Its not a big pool but it sure brings a great deal of enjoyment for the dogs and  those who get to watch.