It's finally done

I am very excited to say that my first book of two detailing the trip from CA to CT and back is done.  When we started the whole process of moving I decided to do a photo journal about my son and my travel across the country with our four dogs.  As most of you know it turned out far different than I had imagine and now one book has turned into two.  With one done my focus is now on #2.  I spent a good part of yesterday working on it and two other books as well.  Looks like in the near future there will be several more books, about different topics though.  When I finished this one PBJ and me it made it easier for the next.  It is all a process and experience is the best driving force into the unknown.  Having done one I can much more easily do the next.  I started writing book #1 in Connecticut; little did I know that one would grow to two.

Through writing, re-writing and tweaking the book there were many tears shed.   Even though it was a very tough ordeal to have to live and relive, again and again it truly helped me to move on.  There are still tears to shed and every so often during my writing I will stop to remember.   I go over each event and relive it to freshen my memory.  Each memory sparks yet another that had perhaps gotten lost along the way with all the craziness.

I truly believe that "life is an evolution of oneself."  With each day, each experience and life adventure you create the person you will turn out to be in the end.  Life is not always rosey; then there are  sometimes that it is very rosey and wonderful.  It is through the good and the bad we call life that we become us.  The smallest of events can play a huge role in our life, just think about it.  A left turn instead of right can make a monumental difference.

My last year has been pretty crazy; I will hopefully finish it off and put it into the past, stored neatly in my memory bank to be drawn on when needed.  The first book was very much a great help in the healing process.  Hopefully the next will do as much.  Right now I am very excited to have finished one and I truly hope that you enjoy it as it unfolds into the next.