Luke is 12 today

Today is Luke's 12th birthday, I really can't believe it.  Being that my normal tradition is to post tons of pics for my dog's birthday I thought that I'd just post last years birthday blog.   If you'd like to see a ton of images of Luke go to the link below.   It has some cute puppy pics all the way up to grown up ones.

Luke's 11th birthday blog

I think that it is fair to say that Luke is the canine love of my life.  There have been a few before him but he most definitely has taken up a huge percentage of the room in my heart.  Love at first site?  Yep, it was love at first site for Luke and I and the rest as they say is history.  This past year Luke has been through a great deal and come out like a champion.  No one can ever believe that he is 12 years old as he charges around at the park.

There is something wonderfully glorious about senior dogs.  They have about them an air of "whatever," not much bothers them and they go through their day to day just happy to be with you.  Yesterday as I tended to Elsa (having just been spayed) Luke followed us and enjoyed in the all day long snacking and snoozing.  At one point I sat watching him on the office floor.  He was sprawled out sleeping when he did two very large stretches and rubbed his face on the floor.  Luke has always loved to rub his face when he is very happy.  He was liking this day of R&R with Mom and Elsa.

He is like all my dogs past and present, amazingly individual.  Luke is by far my most complicated dog.  The best way to explain Luke is to say he is very simple yet complicated.  He is crazy intelligent, over the top affectionate, devoted beyond belief, gentle, emotional, confident and loving.  He likes to pretend he is a tough guy but he is full of mush.  Watching him on Tuesday as he carefully sniffed Elsa from head to tail all the while wagging a low figure eight was heart warming.

12 years spent with this amazing dog?  I'm one lucky lady.