Good Saturday morning everyone, it's already heating up here today so I think we are in for another hot one.  I've spent the last week pretty much hibernating in my office with the dogs.  I know they appreciate the coolness inside the house because every time I let them out they quickly go and stand at the door waiting to come back in.  I've been up with the birds to get them out before it gets too hot which has actually been really enjoyable.  There is nothing I enjoy more than walking my dogs when no one else is around.  A close second would be when other dogs are around off leash and everyone is having fun together.

Yesterday we ran into a woman and nice Labrador.  We approached and I asked if Elsa could say hi, the woman said "yes."  We had just arrived so Elsa was supercharged; she did her four footed leaps of delight at the chance to say hi.   Having a young dog with so much enthusiasm is so different from my old dog life.  When I say my old dog life I mean my life just months ago that was based around old dogs.  Tilley still had her zest for life but with Vestibular disease she was vertically challenged.  She slept, boy old dogs can sleep.  They spend hours upon hours sleeping the day away.

Jessie had lost her zest albeit for feeding time.  She was lost in a never ending confusion except when I would call her for a meal.  She would fire up Elsa with her tiny body charging to the kitchen and leaping  with anticipation; but it was a short lived burst of life.   Much of her day was also spent sleeping, that is when she wasn't circling.

Luke had slipped into a 'sleeping way too much' lifestyle.  He'd go for big runs and I'd get him off the couch anytime I could but with the old girls sleeping so much he just joined in.   Things are different now, of course Luke is sleeping a lot because he is almost 12 years old now.  But he is off the couch a great deal more and up hanging out with Elsa.  He is back to his non stop shadowing of Mom.  Elsa follows me constantly so he is back to doing the same.

Before we got Elsa I honestly felt that sometimes I had no dogs.  There was no dog activity, everyone was always sleeping.  I often said "if someone came to our house they would not know that we have dogs."  When dogs get into the "very old" stage it gets very, very quiet.  So, add a young'n and things surely change.  Not only is Elsa a young'n at a year of age she has a crazy zest for life.   She is very much an "I'll try it," kind of gal.  She loves just about everything, every dog and every person.  Her enthusiasm for life is contagious.  I will regularly watch her being over the top happy and smile.  Being that happy is a really great thing.

Having old dogs is wonderful, they are truly the golden years.  There are many moments shared quietly on the couch, just being together.  But having young dogs again brings back the energy; the whole "what should we do today" lifestyle.  I adore every moment, each stage shared with my dogs but after such a long stage of quiet senior days, this crazy energized stage is a nice change.

Have a great weekend with your dogs, no matter what stage you're at.