Give your dog a bone

Yesterday was bone day; Elsa's third bone day to be exact.  Her first two bones days were fairly unproductive.  She is not a big 'raw' fan so offered a bone that is very meaty she just sort of looked at it.  

These are beef rib bones.  Before giving them to the dogs I cut off the extra bone piece before giving them to the dogs.  These ribs are the big beefy ones, not the short type. 

Luke gets right to it, there is no wasted time looking he immediately dives in.  Bones are wonderful tools for cleaning a dogs teeth.  I have never had my guys teeth cleaned.  I occasionally scrape excess tartar off myself but other than that I let the bones do the work.   

I put a blanket down on the grass for the dogs to chew on.  Luke got caught in it once but I fixed him all up and he continued.  

The molars are where the most work needs doing and once they get a good chewing going this is where the bone lands. 

It does not take long for a seasoned chewer to get down to the bone.  He will soon get into the bone itself, grinding it with his back teeth.  They do eat some of the bone but it is soft because these are RAW.  Only give RAW bones, never, ever cooked.  

Elsa picked away slowly; getting up every so often and going to have a look at what Luke was doing with his bone.  She watched intently.  She loves to learn and does so by watching.  

Check out those pearly whites.  There is no need to have a dog put out for teeth cleaning when you give bones.  It is the natural way to keep their teeth clean. 

Meat almost done.

Elsa finally got the hang of the bone thing and really enjoyed it.  I was so happy that she finally got it. 

Luke working on his front teeth for a bit.

Look at that bone now, I was so proud of the progress she made.  

She did her best on this third bone.  Next time she'll be a pro

Luke has got his bone clean in a short time.

Elsa of course had to chew close which Luke was very good about.  She only got one show of teeth when she ventured to close to have a look a his bone.  

About an hour into it Luke got up; letting me know that he was done.  He when he walked to the other side of the yard Elsa got up to have a peak at his bone.  Luke then came over to have a look at hers.  I don't typically allow bone swapping unless it is done by me but both were very calm.  Luke decided to continue his chewing with her bone so seeing that she picked up his.  The chewing continued.

Elsa shows how to work on your molars. 

This is much closer proximity than normal for chewing.  With Tilley, Jessie and Luke I always had to keep a much greater distance between them.  Supervision is a must with high value things like bones.  I sat and took pictures and fixed the blanket when it got bunched up. 

Luke and Elsa chewed in the morning, the sun was just breaking through into the backyard as they came to the end of the chew.  Then it was time to go indoors and turn on the AC.  It was 106 here yesterday and to be the same today.