Tell me what you know

How much do you know about your dogs?  Many people go through life with their dog, never truly knowing them.  I believe that dogs are extremely simple, yet complicated.  They are simple in that they deal in black and white; there are no maybe's, only yes and no.  Complicated is their personality, temperament and quirks; but once you understand 'dog' that too can be simple.  How much do you really know about your dog?

'Living in the moment' is such a popular and important phrase. When I see people chatting on their cell phone the entire time they are walking their dog, they are not living in the moment.  Living in the moment means to be there, be present and be experiencing it that very moment.  Moments pass quickly and you cannot get them back.  'Seize the moment' is another one that we really should follow.  Sit and watch every moment; seize it and don't lose it.

Get to know your dog. I mean really know dog.  Do you know your dogs likes and dislikes?  Do you know where they love walk most?  What is their favorite food vs. food that they enjoy?  Do you know each and every little quirk?  Do you know the reasoning behind the quirks?  Knowing your dog, truly knowing your dog is enriching.  To truly know the heart of a dog is so uplifting; seeing things through a dogs eyes gives us a grounding.  They can teach us what happiness truly means, the simple things.

Do you know what things your dog hates?  It's not always the bath, nail trimming and grooming time.  It could be when they have to lay on a certain type of flooring, being in a room with weird window reflections or just the cold or heat.  There are so many things that dogs like and don't like; getting to know them all catapults your relationship to the next level.  Like I said, they are simple yet complicated.  

Last night we sat by our little kiddie pool with the dogs; enjoying watching Elsa indulge in her water retrieving.  We also savored a special moment watching Luke watch Elsa in the pool.  He lay contently on his bed by the pool as she dove in and out and in and out again.  Each time a few drops of water would hit his leg he would lick them dry.  What a guy.  After pool time we moved inside to watch a movie; this is Luke's absolute favorite time ever.  He loves when we sit to watch TV; he loves together time.  As we all settled in Steve said "this is great, comfy couch, good movie and dogs by my side."   Nice.    We watched Battle ships, great movie.