The love of dogs

We love dogs, don't we?  I surely do.  I just love them.  I often get a chuckle out of my own behavior about dogs.  I will say to my husband "look how cute he is," and then smile knowing that I have probably said that same phrase thousands of times over the years.  "He" specifically is Luke.  But I don't stop there, no I love them all and each and every one can give me cause to say something.  I find it hard not to talk about dogs and if you happen to bring up the subject with me; best to stand back and pull up a chair because it will be a while.

When I am out at events that do not involve dogs (I know, weird) I can almost always steer the conversation towards canines.  Our society is becoming more and more aware of dogs.  For a good number of dog lovers, they have gone from the dog tied outside to the dog snuggled in our bed.  The more you learn about dogs; you discover a whole other world that you never knew about.  Non dog people don't "get it."  That is until they have that one chance encounter that changes their world as well.  The moment they connect with a canine; that single monumental moment that has so much impact that there is no going back.

There are more and more rescues popping up around the world.  That is both good and bad.  Good that there are so many loving and compassionate people ready to stand up to help those canines in need.  Bad because there is a need for more and more rescues.  There are more dog products appearing on the market as well.  Of course if you have a dog you need stuff right?  Like anything, there are good and useful products and then there are those things that are made for the dog but marketed for we humans.  Many of these products are useless; but it is the obvious surge in products that makes us aware that more people are becoming dog lovers.

For me, loving one means loving them all.  I love the tiniest little munchkins all the way up to the giant guys.  A dog is a dog in my eyes.  As different as they all are within a species; they are essentially one. One amazingly similar but vastly different species known as canis lupus familiaris or the domestic dog.    Their intelligence is far beyond what most people think.  They often outsmart their owners and their owners go about their little lives never suspecting this.  Dogs have a sense of togetherness, the pack mentality.  Together is better in the eyes of a dog; which I happen to agree with.  There is nothing sadder than a dog living a life isolated from other canines or humans.

As more and more humans realize the mutually beneficial relationship of living with a canine we take on more responsibility.  It is our duty to our dogs to teach others, to protect our fellow canines from those who will do them wrong.  If each dog lover stands up to help one other, our world will be a whole lot greater.  Like anything in our world, once there is a clear demand by humans; other humans will do wrong (puppy millers).  Dog lovers need to stand together and stop the wrong doings.

As I sit in my bed listening to the birds out the window, blogging and watching a Blue Jay fall off the feeder because it is too big I am surrounded by wonderful.  My two canines Luke and Elsa have just finished a share of bacon sandwiches and are now snuggled up until I decide to get out of bed.  There really is nothing like a dog, nothing.  Other animals share our lives but nothing else can even come close to a dog.  All they want in their life is to be with us; that is made clear by the constant shadows you can have with you on your day to day.  The older I get the more in love I am with dogs.  Is there anything more perfect than a dog?