Rain and snuggling

I took this shot several years ago.  After laying on my stomach forever and continually wiping the rain off my lens I finally got the shot.  

It is still very dark this morning.   It is raining, strange but wonderful.  I love the sound of rain when you are in bed; although getting out of bed when it is dark and raining is not easy.  But this morning I'm tired, really, really tired.   I'm so tired that I could barely drag myself out of bed to go get my coffee.  I was up twice last night, I have no idea what woke me the first time but it was Elsa the second.  She's been going through another "I want on the bed" issue and I have to stop it.  Typically she sits beside me starring and touches me just enough to wake me.  But not last night, no at 4:00 am she took it upon herself and hopped up, landing smack dab on top of me.  Startling to say the least and it hurt.  Not only did she allow herself up but she would not get off.  She dug in her heels as I tried to push her off.  Things are going to change.

I understand that she loves to be on the bed more than anything in the world; but, I have to get some sleep.  She is just not a good bed buddy.   For some reason her weight quadruples as does gravity some how making her beyond heavy.  I have slept with a great many dogs but never one like this.  It is just not fun.  If she would happily lay in the middle then she would be allowed but she absolutely must be touching me; but she is rarely happy with a touch, she must be completely on top of me.  She has been very good about waiting for the alarm to go off but this week we have seen a change and not for the better.  So it will be tough love again.

Of course now that the alarm has gone off and Dad let her up she is happy as a clam.  She has had her morning snack and is curled into a tiny ball enjoying the rain.  Luke is still where he was when I awoke and it is pretty much heaven in bed now.  The dogs love our morning routine; and I have to admit that it is pretty glorious.  Morning seems to be the favorite snuggle time.  It is quiet and when the dogs are on the bed they have a sense of security so their sleep is very deep. It is a very good time for us as well although I will be off to the gym shortly.  The dogs will still be on the bed when I return.

I always take Elsa out before I head to the gym.  She is always reluctant to leave the bed but is back on it as soon as she relieves herself outside.  This morning she will not want to go out in the rain.  Living here has it's drawbacks and rain is one.  I adore a rainy day but because they are so few and far between the dogs don't like to go out in it.  They are more than happy to go for a walk in the rain but go out and pee?  No thank you.  I typically keep an umbrella at the backdoor just for this reason.  It is much easier if I go out with them.  This is a common problem with my clients and I often get calls on rainy days because of it.

But for now it is still early; not yet 6:30 and dark and raining.  So I think the gym can wait just a few more minutes while I enjoy my quiet snuggle time with the dogs.