First I want to say that I am not a Veterinarian; so this is in no way medical advice. I am a canine guardian and as such I do extensive research on new products, diseases or anything else that I haven't heard about having to do with dogs. Rimadyl is one such item that I have done a lot of research on and feel the need to pass on the information that I have found.  After hearing and reading about so many sad stories with regards to taking Rimadyl; I feel that it is my obligation to share.  I hope that you share as well.

I have heard of people receiving the product from their Veterinarian for many different symptoms.  It's a little scary how it is passed out as a remedy for so many different things.  When I hear of anyone using it I recommend that they look it up immediately to see if they want to continue the use on their dog.

This was a past post but I feel needs sharing again.  I have also added a few new links.  It is a short blog; there is no need for me to go on about it when you can read the information found at the links below.

These are only a few of the articles that I found; there are sadly many, many more.

The Senior Dog Project
K9 obedience Co. UK
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
Romi's website
USA Today

I recommend researching any new medication or product extensively before even considering giving it to your dog.